Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's been a long time since I've done a double take at my computer screen as I did at around 7:00 a.m. this morning: NBC has fired Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct. And they got rid of him at the speed of light. He made $28 million a year.
  • Of course, the "Grab 'Em By The P" Guy had to weigh in this morning. Incredible.: 
  • He certainly will never be recognized.
  • Four hunters in Dallas County ended up lost and stranded because they were chasing a pig. #ModernDayTexas
  • Let's see where we stand as the year comes to an end. A Republican president. A Republican Senate. A Republican House. And we still have Obamacare. No tax law change. No wall. And indictments coming. This is going very well. 
  • Good, lord!: 
  • Tarrant County GOP leaders don't want Joe Barton to run for re-election. I hope he doesn't because I don't want to think about that picture ever again. 
  • North Korea launched another test missile. Trump said, in his normal vague fashion, "We will take care of it." 
  • My brother-in-law on Mrs. LL's side picked up a guitar last weekend and played the beginning to Classical Gas flawlessly. It was enough to make get out of my chair and go watch. 
  • As I get older, I'm stunned by my recognition of how naive I was as a young man and a young lawyer. I watched and read The Firm years ago and thought, "That's a good drama. Not great but good." Now I watch it and think, "This crap actually does happen."
  • I began my Clark Griswald Christmas Decoration Yard Project last night. 
  • My first UTEP basketball post: Last night, after the team lost, their coach quit and announced it in his post game press conference.
  • Trump, for some reason, this morning retweeted a video of "Muslim Destroys Statue of Virgin Mary!"
  • The Goofy Texas Supreme Court judge claims he performed the Heimlich maneuver on a man at a Chick-fil-A . Before it, he said, "[I was] hunched over my MacBook, munching some Chick-fil-A chicken strips while discussing errands with my wife on my cell.” He's a Renaissance Man! And the fact this allegedly happened at a Chick-fil-A is a nice touch.