Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • They played it on The Ticket this morning, but I can't find it to save my life: William Paul Dodd, the guy who was shot by police in the Arlington Mall, called 911 at some point before the incident. It starts of with him trying to explain, in the most Wheels Off slurred voice ever, that he had evaded arrest from the police the day before. Once the dispatcher figured out what he was trying to say, Dodd asks, "Have you heard about that?" Yes, buddy, dispatch knows of all alleged crimes that have just occurred. 
  • We've got the dumbest Ag Commissioner in the history of Ag Commissioners. He posted an article that simply is not true. And a president can't "remove" a federal judge. That, my friends, is what "Fake News" means. And the Ag Commissioner should be smart enough to spot it. 
  • Jimmy Blacklock, with no judicial experience, will be appointed by Gov. Abbott to the Goofy Tweeting Judge's Texas Supreme Court seat once the latter gets confirmed for the Fifth Circuit. He'll get $168,000 of your money, plus benefits, for a job he has no experience to have. He was "general counsel" for Abbott. Does Texas have swamps?
  • A woman approached The Washington Post falsely claiming Roy Moore impregnated her as a teenager. It was a lie and part of a sting operation in an effort to get the paper to print the story Nutcase James O’Keefe was behind the effort so he could claim the paper was "Fake News".  However, the Post, checking her story out, sniffed it out an busted her. And him. Hard. 
  • O'Keefe is indeed a nutcase. At the last election he followed a bus taking Democratic voters to the polls, filmed it, and proclaimed "Voter fraud!"  The action was 100% legal.
  • But he's getting rich off his little organization.
  • Old timers trivia: What did "Be kind. Rewind." mean? I know, but I heard it for the first time in 20 years yesterday. 
  • Speaking of old, this is what the DFW TV schedule looked like in November, 1976. Those were your choices. (However, it was a Monday schedule and for some reason Monday Night Football does not appear on Channel 8.)
  • UT's best player, offensive lineman Connor Williams, has announced he won't play in the Longhorns bowl game and will enter the NFL Draft. I don't have any problem with that. If it was a National Championship game he was balking at, I'd feel differently. But, if I'm him, I think I'd protect my ACLs from a meaningless bowl game.
  • A commentor pointed out the other day that he thought it was strange that Gov. Abbott personally opened a package that could have injured him if it had not malfunctioned. I do to. There is no way the governor is opening a package -- I don't care if it looks 100% like it came from Amazon. We may have an exaggerated story on our hands, and the governor refused to answer questions about the incident yesterday. Edit: Just saw that BagOfNothing.com thinks the same thing. 
  • The Plano ISD Superintendent will announce his resignation and no one knows why. I really don't care about Plano ISD but a resignation of such a high profile position mid-school year is weird. 
  • The Chico library was burglarized but it was not released what was taken. If they have DVDs, I'm guessing it was DVDs. Those are currency.