Mrs. LL and I Did The Dallas Version Of Trail Of Tears

We recreated Oswald's journey through Oak Cliff on the anniversary of the assassination last week.

We started at his Rooming House. It was basically a "private property" but "call us to set up an appointment" type of deal. As we were walking away, a tour bus pulled up in the driveway and a bunch of people got out to look at it. I suspect they have cut a deal.

The next stop was where Officer Tippet was shot. Let me tell you, we drove it and that would be no short walk. A guy from house across the street came out to talk to us. It's apparently his bit. Nice guy.

He actually pointed out an X that had been painted where the shooting occurred.

One thing odd is that the guy said Oswald was walking West down that street. If he took the most direct route he would have been walking East. The guy might be wrong. The crime scene photos show the officer's car facing East (I think) and I had thought Tippet pulled up right along side Oswald as he was walking.

This was our view facing that direction.The "X" was by the black pickup.

Our next stop was the Texas Theater. It was fascinating. Here is a shot from the screen.

See that little white thing on the seat near the back? This is the sparest marker ever to note the seat Oswald was in when he was captured. (I could have sworn I heard that the seat had been re-upholstered black.)

One cool thing that the Texas Theater was doing that day was showing "War Is Hell", the film that was showing at the moment of the arrest. And they charged 90 cents -- the same price as charged on that day.

Mrs. LL wanted to see a little bit of it so we did. Not a bad little flick. But we were a little unnerved when we discovered before the film started that a guy came in and sat down in the chair!!! We were on high alert.

As we walked out of the theater, there was some guy holding court. He was telling a group of about seven that there were actually "Two Oswalds" in the theater that day. One was a patsy and the real killer got away. Trust me, I was biting my tongue. Then he said, "Let's go." And they all got into his SUV. Yep, he was a Conspiracy Tour Guide. One elderly lady had  noticed my fascination with the whole thing and as she walked to the SUV, smiled and said, "You want to ride on the roof?"

And that concludes the Dallas Trail of Tears. (Side note: The Ticket's Gordon Keith coined the phrase Dallas Trail of Tears about a decade ago.)