Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a bicyclist killed in the metroplex by a guy who was allegedly DWI. One of the odd things about it was that the cyclist was riding in the middle of the night. His wife said it wasn't unusual since he worked the night shift and he was up most nights even when not working the next day. And, what I think would be a dangerous journey, he would cycle 16 miles to work at UT Dallas from Wylie. At night.
  • I fascinated by what my life would be like if I worked the "night shift." (And, side note, Night Shift is one of my all time favorite movies.)
  • I clicked on it because I wanted to see if he was a bandit. He is. He wants $20 for that. 
  • In all seriousness, how is Jeffress any different from the money changers that made Jesus go on a rampage? 
  • Mark Davis vaguely admitting past indiscretions on Wednesday as he pointed out that he isn't "throwing stones" at any of the people being caught up in sexual scandals in recent days. I dog him all the time, but I'll finally give him credit. 
  • At the U.N. Security Council table, Russia's nameplate reads "Russian Federation." That's very Star Trek like.
  • Trump was especially weird yesterday morning misleading the public with a retweet of a radical right winger Brit's post of a video of "Muslim" violence. It was actually ISIS (or possibly even fake). Trump's press secretary excused the mistake by going full Orwellian: "Whether it is a real video, the threat is real." The truth, apparently, no longer matters.
  • And when Trump received criticism, he continued to show he will fire from the hip without fact checking:
  • Both The Dallas Morning News and KXAS reported yesterday that Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez had resigned to run for governor. She hadn't. (Side note: That would be the worst political decision ever.)
  • Good lord, Matt! (Credit: BagOfNothing):
  • The University of Tennessee can't find anyone who wants to be the head football coach. 
  • At the courthouse yesterday, I learned that an investigator was boycotting the NFL because of the anthem protests as well as the husband of a very high ranking and super powerful office administrator. 
  • Also a funny moment at the courthouse: A gal tells me she is buying her daughter a frozen sled. I had a very confused look on my face. Another lady says, "There is no way he understands." Then I hear, "Not a frozen sled. A movie Frozen sled!"
  • Criminal defense lawyers only: I was watching a video of Advanced Criminal Law 2017. A lot of the speakers are spares but one who was fantastic was  David Guinn, Jr. out of Lubbock. His advice, paraphrased, don't worry about the "facts" in the police report -- the video is all that matters. And he is dead on. He also played a video of police interaction with one of his clients during a traffic stop to emphasize what is wrong and what's right. He started it with, "I'm not just going to stand up here and cite a bunch of cases. You can all read the seminar paper. Especially at an Advanced course. Let's do something you can actually use."
  • There's not a a guy out there who has brain who has not re-examined his life over the last two weeks and asked himself, "Have I ever done anything that could be considered inappropriate and non-consensual?"
  • Ticket fans only: I was in the front yard jacking around, in a frustrated fashion, with the lights when Mrs. LL pulled up. As she got out of the car, I said (jokingly), "I've got enough on my mind right now, I don't need your . . . ." Her response: "I pressed the bar!!!!!"  (Audio of what we re-created which may be one of my favorite audio segments of all time.)