Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm trying to get back to normal, but it has been a heck of 48 hours. When you have a completely healthy family pup get sick and die within 48 hours, it will rock your world. I didn't know that there were around the clock vet clinics, complete with ICU, but I found out they exist. But it didn't help.
  • And when you tell the family, "I'll bury her," it sounds like a brave and noble statement. Then you have to do it and end up realizing how hard it actually is. 
  • The footage of VP Mike Pence and Gov. Greg Abbott removing debris in South Texas yesterday should disgust you. It's a photo op that lasted a few seconds. They are The Swamp.
  • And he thinks this will endear him to the public. Sadly, it probably will. 
  • Lt. Greg Abbott (oh, the irony) to a passenger in a car in Georgia: "We only kill black people." It was certainly a joke, but he was not in a position to joke. 
  • On Wednesday, Mrs. LL contacted me and asked, "Have you heard anything about a gas shortage? One of my co-workers just left to get gas because she thinks there will be." My response was, "No, I'll check but if people think there is a gas shortage, there will be a gas shortage."
  • Texas! 
  • Texas again!
  • Triple Texas!
  • Looking at the Messenger's special section on Wise County high school football (produced by Richard Greene), this line jumped out at me regarding Bridgeport's starting quarterback who is a sophomore: "He threw one pass last year as a freshman and ran the ball four times for 11 yards." Hey, the kid might end up being great, but he probably will face a huge learning curve. 
  • "Female deputy DA found bloody, beaten after gang attack in California."
  • He's got a lot of Sarah Palin, who also quit, in him: 
  • I'm not a criminal mastermind, but I don't think was a well thought out plan. " A witness told FOX 4 the car drove into the store at a high rate of speed and made it all the way to the electronics section in the back. Then the driver reversed."
  • Everyone went nuts over this political cartoon (below). It's actually a modification of a joke which I heard from the pulpit at the First Baptist in Bridgeport when I was a teenager. Here it is on a Christian website.
  • (I haven't even looked at pending comments since yesterday. I'll do it now.) Edit: I didn't look at them because I believed there would be a few hateful ones thrown in. Now looking at them, I'm overwhelmed by your compassion. Thank you.