Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • There will be a lot of Texans stunned to learn that the basic Texas Homeowners Insurance Policy does not cover natural flooding. And that also means millions (?) of people are facing financial ruin -- and mortgage holders as well. 
  • This is a Fox 4 News reporter so I assume the photo is legit:
  • Our Texas leaders (Abbott, Patrick, Paxton) sure do talk a lot about Texas independence, but when we face a disaster they immediately cry to the federal government for help.
  • Trump is on his way to Texas per this photo this morning. Look at the shoes the First Lady decided to wear to a disaster zone. I'm guessing she is not planning on stepping on wet soil. 
  • I did not know the NRA had a Concealed Carry Fashion Show
  • This new opinion from the 10th Circuit starts off bluntly: 
  • Police access to surplus military gear, a ban put in by President Obama, has been lifted by Trump. "WASHINGTON — Police departments will now have access to military surplus equipment typically used in warfare, including grenade launchers, armored vehicles and bayonets." Uh, bayonets? 
  • I accidentally deleted three comments yesterday. One on Joel Olsteen, one on the shark photo, and one on I can't remember.
  • Speaking of Olsteen, that fraud took it in the shorts yesterday like nobody's business. I hope his Houston home is OK. (Are these photos real?)
  • Just when you thought Trump couldn't be dumber, he used this as an explanation why he announced the pardon of Sheriff Joe on Friday evening: “Actually in the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening,  I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally.”