Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A 67 year old incarcerated for felony DWI walked away from a work crew in Ellis County yesterday and is still on the loose. How does that happen? (Side note: I don't understand why the Sheriff's Office -- which runs a jail and not prisons -- was in charge of "an alternative prison program." Nor do I understand what that program is.) 
  • Bacsik is famous for giving up the record setting home run to Barry Bonds (who overtook Hank Aaron on the pitch) and for getting fired from The Ticket for tweeting "Congrats to all the dirty mexicans in San Antonio" after the Spurs beat the Mavs. 
  • I was at a driver's license hearing in Denton a couple of weeks ago and saw a lawyer who had absolutely no idea what he was doing. In front of a room full of lawyers and cops, she wanted to know if DPS had subpoenaed the arresting officer (they never do and don't have to), didn't know DPS could prove their case with just documents, had never asked to see the documents prior to the hearing, and when asked if she wanted to waive the hearing or go forward, she just said, "I just don't want a license suspension."  Everyone in the room was cocking an eyebrow. The crazy part to me was that she didn't exhibit any emotion of embarrassment. 
  • We've got an "And Another" who rivals all others: 
  • Trump's fake cabinet meeting for the cameras was just weird. And it got weirder when chief of staff Reince Priebus said, "On behalf of the entire senior staff around you Mr President, we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda and the American people." 
  • It begins:
  • It's hard to believe Trump has been in office less than six months. You want to know what President Obama's scandal was at the same point in his administration? He and Biden had gone to a hamburger joint and the president used Grey Poupon:
  • Trump's upset this morning:
  • I don't understand this Megyn Kelly controversy. When did interviewing someone become the equivalent of condoning them?