Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A former spokesman for TDC who witnessed 219 executions has died. Texas Monthly profiled him a couple of years back. Edit: The magazine profiled his successor who has witnessed 278 executions. 
  • And Another (New York):
  • Channel 8 had a story last night on how to "find" those $39 flights on Southwest Airlines. As proven by the station's twitter feed this morning, that was an ad disguised as a news story.
  • The oddest thing about the Congressional baseball game is that it is not a Congressional softball game. 
  • Last night Texas rep. Roger Williams still had his hospital wrist band on. (h/t Bud Kennedy) Williams wasn't shot but suffered a minor ankle injury which doesn't even require the use of crutches. What's the old saying? Never let a crisis go to waste. 
  • Earlier in the week, two prisoners being transported killed two guards in Georgia and escaped. They were captured last night in Tennessee. The mistake of the guy on the right is hanging out with the guy on the left. Mr. Right could blend in. Mr. Left might as well have an "Escaped Convict" sign on his chest.
  • Edit: That must be an old picture. Mr. Right looked a little different yesterday.

  • That would leave the University of Texas in a bind (at least as for as Hook 'Em merchandise is concerned) if Simmons can pull it off: 
  • Uh, (1) There were actual witch hunts in America, and (2) your supporters literally yelled "Burn the witch" during your campaign.
  • Reginald Kimbro, accused of murdering the lady near TCU and the lady in Plano, is now accused of a sexual assault in South Padre Island in 2014. The TCU gal's family took a shot at the DA's office: 
  • I've had three people tell me they have or will submit applications to Austin to replace Judge Fostel. I've heard a rumor of one more, but I haven't confirmed it yet.