Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Friday after Thanksgiving. #ImStillTheHardestWorkingManInShowBusiness
  • Below is a graphic from a couple of years back when a district court judge made the ruling. On Wednesday, Texas highest criminal court agreed and overturned the life in prison sentence.  I almost want to yell, "Lock her up! Lock her up!"
  • In other false conviction news, the court also set aside the convictions of the "San Antonio Four" -- an incredible case you've probably never hear of.
  • In other news that fell through the cracks, Greg Abbott paid no taxes in 2015. Think about that: The man, who has lived his entire life off of a lawsuit settlement (he was hit by a tree which fell because trees die) and has lived off of your tax dollars, paid no taxes. 
  • I should get a better accountant. 
  • In the end, Hillary will beat Trump by almost 2.1 million votes. 
  • I watched a little bit of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in a long time. It's more of a variety show than a parade. And one long advertisement. 
  • Florence Henderson ("Carol Brady") has died. 
  • Football thought: Terrence Williams TD catch yesterday confused me. I think I'm right in believing that it's not only if he had two feet in bounds but where the ball was when it happened. It was very probably a touchdown, but no one talked about that. (Let's use this example: If he had been standing in the end zone but had his hands extended back over the goal line into the playing field and catches the ball and then were to be tackled back into the playing field, that's not a touchdown. Right?)
  • There was a false start in the game as well and Mrs. LL immediately said, "Was he drawn offsides?" That scared me. 
  • The Frankenstein commercial was great in concept but poorly done. 
  • I watched Philadelphia a couple of days ago and was shocked about my perception of what I thought of it when it came out in theaters and now (And someone at the Ticket needs to pull Denzel Washington's cross examination of a guy as he yells, "Are you gay!!!???" with that Norm Hitzges drop.)
  • The loss of the Aggie/Longhorn game on Thursday night is a big loss. 
  • The media keeping government in check is the most important right/aspect of our society. And once the press goes away, which we are seeing with "fake news" and Trump's view that they are "not nice", we will end up in Idiocracy far more quickly than Mike Judge ever dreamed of. 
  • Mitt Romney is probably the most decent human being to ever to run for President. And if you oppose his potential appointment by Trump because he called out Trump for not being a decent human being, you need to check yourself. 
  • The California mom who went missing while jogging a month ago has been found safe. That is one weird story which makes no sense.