Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • My new mantra for Trump may be: "If you voted for him you own him." No more "What about Hillary" justifications. You own him.
  • Charlie Strong will be fired as the head coach at Texas. Hot Sports Opinion: He would be perfect for Baylor. He's a "character first" guy, and it would be two redemption projects. 
  • I'm officially old when during the great (justifiable) Cowboy hysteria I really perk up when I see an old clip of Tony Dorsett. 
  • Have the Cowboy cheerleader shorts gotten shorten? They look like bikini bottoms.
  • Here's an advertising twist: We have a Geico commercial with the lizard who references Helzberg Diamonds. 
  • I hate restaurants. But with the College Freshman In The House home for the holidays, we went to one last night. I basically recreated a scene from Pulp Fiction when I looked at the menu and, using my best  John Travolta voice, said, "$10 for a hamburger? $10? Let me get this straight. It's meat between two pieces of bread, right? And it's $10. Ok."
  • Talking to the College Freshman about "where do you get your news?" was horrifying. She's a smart and wonderful kid, but it was horrifying. 
  • The clip of Dak Prescott missing the trash can while throwing away a water bottle and picking it up is golden. I think that means a lot. It is very similar to my belief that you should always make your bed every morning.
  • Someone alerted to me on Friday to a show which was basically Cops but was "live." It was like the Red Zone channel for cops. From a Fourth Amendment standpoint, it needs to be shown in law schools.
  • The killing of the San Antonio officer during a traffic stop is sickening. And make no mistake about it: It had to have been captured on video. 
  • "Pope Francis says abortion can be forgiven by ordinary priests instead of requiring the intervention of a bishop." If I started writing a bullet point about this, I would never stop. 
  • Trump will spend more time at Trump Tower than the White House? Practically, it makes no difference. But how in the world would you not want to live in the White House?  
  • Trump settled the lawsuit against Trump University for $25 million. The President of the United States - Elect has just paid $25 million for conning dumb people who trusted him. 
  • I watched another episode (an old one) of Black Mirror last night. Man, I love that stuff. Mrs. LL and I would hit pause and discuss what we thought was going on.