Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Man, that Medal of Freedom ceremony at the White House yesterday was like the Golden Globes for old guys like me: Tom Hanks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Vin Scully,  Ellen DeGeneres, Lorne Michaels, Bill and Melinda Gates, Diana Ross and Bruce Springsteen were honored. 
  • Tom Hanks being in the background at the ceremony looked like a scene out of Forrest Gump.
  • My head is still spinning about Trump's day yesterday after his fight and make up session with the New York Times. I don't know if his election is like "Dog catches car" or "Cat finally gets outside and doesn't know what to do."
  • I get sucked into Urban Cowboy every time. It is so Texas. And one scene I had never noticed is Uncle Bob talking to Bud, played by John Travolta, about pride. Years later, Pulp Fiction would revive Travolta's career and he would be in the background in a bar in one scene when Marsellus Wallace talks to Butch (Bruce Willis) about pride.
  • I love those who tell me to "get over it" when it comes to this election. And my friends have checked on me wondering if I'm OK. Uh, no. After the Idiocracy of yesterday, I'm far from OK.
    Nice segue, no?
  • Wow: Fort Worth's Shannon, Gracey law firm is shutting down. I interviewed with them in 1985. They didn't hire me. (Love this sentence from the story: "Shannon Gracey, which lists offices in Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington, Austin, Houston and Rhome . . . ."
  • Trump may end up being the most moderate President ever. Heck, he might be a liberal. He conned Bubba into thinking he was a right winger. He conned me into thinking he was a right winger. His goal might be simply to make money. And if that's true, I hope the authors of Game Change and Double Down name their book about this election The Big Con? (It a nice name play off of the title The Big Short about how we were all conned during the mortgage crisis.)
  • The Eighth Grader in the House got a Polaroid camera for her birthday.  She and her friends thought is was the craziest technology they had ever seen. Reaction: You can take a picture and it gets printed out? Right away? On paper? You kidding me?
  • Dalai Lama news:

  • Right wing talk radio shows were in an absolute disarray yesterday trying to defend Trump. "We weren't lied to when he said he would prosecute Hillary," they said. "He's just being Presidential." How's that "drain the swamp" workin' out for you? 
  • That leader of the alt-right meeting where the Nazi salute was made after Trump's election (that I posted yesterday) will speak at Aggieland. (The guy's also a graduate of Dallas' high tone St. Mark's.) And to think the Dennis Pragers of the world thought public institutions of higher learning were nothing but a bastion of liberalism.
  • I'm about to go in Thanksgiving mode, and will abandon politic talks for a while. (A promise to myself which I will break in no time flat.)
  • There's is no bigger fake news than local reporters going to DFW or Love Field to report on today being "the busiest traffic day of the year." 
  • Another long time prosecutor in the Tarrant County DA's office was either fired or left. Who was it?