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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • "The state’s highest criminal court Wednesday morning dismissed all three appeals filed on Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s behalf, saying his lawyers neglected to include everything needed on the petitions." However, the court gave them 10 days to fix it. That's one odd thing about appeals: At the trial court level, missing a deadline can be fatal to your case. Once a case is appealed, you can screw up, the court will tell you screwed up, but the court will always give you a chance to fix it. 
  • There hasn’t been a criminal defense lawyer on the U.S. Supreme Court in 25 years. 
  • Sounds like a movie: A Penn State professor who police say was pushed off an 80-foot rock quarry ledge died slowly and possibly was alive and immobile for up to two days.
  • Call back country humor in the Update this morning with a reference to the long known cause of many an accident: He tried to "straighten out the curb". Edit: CURVE!
  • Do police get overtime pay for attending a funeral in full uniform?
  • I told you that there's something weird about the case in Johnson County about the lady which allegedly withheld medical care for her child for attention. Yesterday, at a court hearing, she even had that "this case is different" look. 
  • Halloween idea: Sexy Harambe outfit.
  • Someone explain Trump's  “ideological certification test” for immigration that he mentioned last night. He said, "I only want to admit people who share our values and love our people." Truly, what "values" does Trump want to impose upon those who wish to come here?
  • And how did he get away with this last night: "The result of her misconduct was the release of thousands and thousands of dangerous criminal aliens who should have been sent home to their countries. Instead we have them all over the place. Probably a couple in this room as a matter of fact, but I hope not." So he's seen a couple of people in the room who look like "criminal aliens"?
  • But he is gaining on Hillary.