The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Sheriff Joe in Arizona won a seventh term last night. That gave me Tired Head.
  • The prosecutor who couldn't convict Trayvon Martin's killer lost her re-election bid last night.
  • Some of you are thinking: "Was the presidential race yesterday, too? Did I miss it?"
  • Billionaire Democrat and progressive George Soros has channeled more than $3 million into seven local District Attorney campaigns in six states over the past year. He thinks the criminal justice system is screwed up.
  • What happened to all the earthquakes that were happening around the old Texas Stadium site? They've just suddenly stopped.
  • A coach at Northwest's Eaton High School has been placed on administrative leave after an "improper" sexual conduct charge was made by a former student who is now 20. The allegation is a one time touching of the breast over the clothes which wasn't reported for five years. If those are all the facts, I'd never convict. Even if I heard the girl, was inclined to believe that she was telling the truth, and even thought the event probably happened, I'd still have a doubt that I considered reasonable. And you know what any judge would instruct me if I was on the jury?: If you have a reasonable doubt, you can't convict.
  • There was a hearing yesterday of whether Hooters will be allowed in a certain part of downtown Fort Worth. That gave rise to this gem: 
  • Trump is going to Mexico today? Man, he has gone all in on trying to get the Hispanic and African-American vote and it is a strategy that cannot possibly work. I don't understand this. Get to Florida. Get to Ohio. Get to Pennsylvania. 
  • I still get excited about the start of college football season, it's the last organized sport I care about. 
  • "Weatherford police investigators as well as investigators from the Weatherford and Parker County Special Crimes unit and the multi-jurisdictional Fugitive Apprehension Team [that's four groups of officers] were working to apprehend the man who was wanted on two aggravated robbery warrants." They knew he was in a hotel room. He ended up dead
  • "We plan to do a full, immediate, and complete investigation, and we can assure that if any wrongdoing occurred appropriate action will be swiftly taken." - Something everyone has (or should have) in their PR playbook. (The key is the word "appropriate." It's couched as "what you would do" instead of "what we think is right.")