Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We had a discussion at the courthouse the other day as to what were the origins of Labor Day. I said, "I bet it had a lot to do with catering to unions back in the day -- probably first half of the 1900s."  Our crack research staff told me I wasn't far off.
  • Nothing like starting off your day cleaning up cat throw up.
  • Hurry, build that wall! Those people are taking our jobs!:
  • That Florida hurricane was like most hurricanes: Not much to it. I bet hurricane news coverage is split 90% to 10% on pre-coverage vs. post-coverage.
  • I had Schlotzsky's for the first time in forever. Pretty, pretty good. 
  • Funny. (I think this is out of South Carolina): 
  • More Harambe comedy:
  • "AUSTIN — A week after Longhorns used sex toys to protest Texas' new campus carry law, a Frisco-based gun-rights activist has released a video that depicts the fictional shooting death of a young University of Texas student" who the same name as one of the protest organizers. Pushing it? Yep. But tap the brakes if your reaction to certain speech is to be offended and then your next knee jerk reaction is that criminalize that speech. 
  • Some wonder what retiring Dallas Police Chief Brown will do next, and many assume he'll go into politics. I don't think so. If he's smart, he tries to get a gig like that crazy David Clarke on Fox News. The only trouble is that Brown might be so reasonable that no network will want him. 
  • App State almost beat Tennessee last night. On the first week of broadcast of the obscure Big Ten Network a few years back, I stumbled upon live the crazy upset of App State over Michigan. I felt like I was the only person watching it on TV.
  • Baylor plays tonight. I fear a horrible year despite a ton of talent. There's a weird funk of depression hovering over that place. 
  • Northwest's high school quarterback is named Prince Mavula.  I picture him breaking the huddle wearing long flowing robes. 
  • Trump is up early this morning watching MSNBC: 
  • Things that the goofy Texas Supreme Court justice tweeted yesterday. (By my count, the Texas Supreme Court has been on a two month vacation):
  • Brock Turner, the Stanford student given six months in jail, was released this morning as reporters were standing by. ("Brock Tanner" sounds like something out of Boogie Nights.)