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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Good, lord. On the heels of a fatal police shooting of a black man in Baton Rouge, we've got a new one in Minnesota. This video doesn't show the shooting but has the bizarre narration by the female driver with the image of her boyfriend dying as he sits in the passenger seat. She says the stop was for a traffic violation and that the soon-to-be dead man had a concealed carry permit.
  • This is not hard: Deadly force is a last resort. Police are supposed to be experts in defusing a situation -- not lighting the fuse.
  • Kudos to the attorney who challenged the red light camera "ticket" in Richardson, won, and received over $25,000 in attorneys fees. Those things are beyond illegal. To just label something as a "civil" case instead of a "criminal" case doesn't magically make all due process go away.
  • They still haven't found the body of the SMU police officer who presumably drowned in Turtle Creek.
  • Who knows what the back story is of the home invasion in Pleasant Grove but a woman sure got beat up:
  • Of Fox 4's "Trending Topics", two are ads and I'm not sure about #5:
  • A game warden killed the blind 30 year old alligator in Lake Worth because it was a "nuisance"? Oh, the irony.
  • "Bill O'Reilly reveals unseen photos of Barack Obama in traditional Muslim dress claiming they were taken at half-brother's wedding where he served as best man." So? 
  • Misspelling in an email to courthouse employee which I want back: "I caught five strippers before sunset yesterday." 
  • It was finally announced yesterday that the death of the president of the aTm-Commerce was a suicide.
  • The local DA in Baton Rouge immediately jumped to the defense of the police. That's one of the reason the Feds are on the way. (Broadcasting that you're part of a good-old-boy system will do that.)