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A Polish breakfast television presenter hit the nail on the head, or in this case her hand, after a magic trick demonstration didn't go as planned.

Question for Breakfast presenter Marzena Rogalska was helping a Poland's Got Talent semi-finalist perform a Russian roulette-style magic trick.

The illusionist had Ms Rogalska hold her hand over three paper bags and slam it down onto the one he said did not contain a hidden nail.

Ms Rogalska then slams her hand down onto the brown paper bag chosen by the illusionist - only to recoil in horror and pain as it becomes apparent that she had pounded her hand onto the one bag which did actually contain a nail.

She was taken to hospital where she was treated for superficial hand injuries and administered a tetanus shot.

She seemed like a sweet lady. If only . . .


Triple Fake... said...

there's an ethnic joke in there somewhere, but I'm not touching it with a ten foot ski-Pole!

Anonymous said...

Call the Texas Law Hawk, there might be a case here.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least he gets to say he "nailed" her.

Anonymous said...

When the Germans invaded Poland leading up to WW2, the Poles didn't have much in the way of weapons so they tossed dynamite at the advancing Germans...the Germans lit the dynamite and through it back!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this picture promoting "don't drink and drive?"