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A Wise County Case That Will Never End

If I remember correctly, it settled right before trial but then the settlement fell though.

Then this happened:

Yesterday this happened:

It has more lives than the Terminator.


Goober said...

This clearly demonstrates the extent to which a school district will go to ruin the life of anyone who challenges their absolute authority regardless of issue, and Ft. Worth is not alone. There are supts. and school board members in Wise County who are of the same mind set and will do the same thing to anyone who crosses the wrong family or "sacred cow" coach. And we wonder what's wrong with public education.

Goober said...

Oh, and now let the holier than thou attacks by school administrators/coaches begin.

Anonymous said...

Mindset is all one word. Do I really need to list the others? Again?




Anonymous said...

Talk about overpaid public servants! Sheesh! How about those guys? How much does the Decatur ISD Super make? It's public record but I'll tell you anyway -- too much for a big ego with a nice suit.

Baylor Too said...

Do they need local counsel?