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This Is A New One For Me

If placed on probation, there is often some type of "class" to take. It might be alcohol education, a drug class, batterer's intervention, or even a theft class. Now one county (not Wise) is sometimes mandating a "Moral Reconation Therapy" class.

I had to look up "Reconation". That didn't help. I don't think it's a word. But the therapy, according to the Internet, "is a cognitive-behavioral counseling program that combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients."  I'm still not sure what that means.

Side note: I wonder how much the class costs.


Anonymous said...

Class instructor, probably has some connection with the probation dept in that county. So, you make up some BS class, have them sit thru it and charge, well whatever it is you want, they have to pay or go to jail. Make up words, make up class material, most of it always sounds like "How do you feel"? Check a box and send them to your next cousin to profit off of them.

Criminal Justice system is a complete money suck. Small fry criminals become large fry criminals trying to pay for all the BS they have to. Nickel and dime your butt to death, either you come up with money or not, system will not care, they lock your self back up then the state pays. System gets their money one way or other.

Already in a hole coming out of prison/jail, system toss a little dirt in right off.

Triple Fake... said...

Remember the question you asked yesterday?
Reconation, as defined by Christine Riley, is "Sweet government contract"

Anonymous said...

Probably some right wing county cramming some Christian morality down your throat, you graduate when you get in "God we Trust" tattooed across your forehead..........wait never mind tattoos are a sin too.

Anonymous said...


You nailed that one.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Tuesday's prediction that OU would win series. Now might have to eat those words.

Also, does the District Judge not like our current Governor? He still has Perry up in the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bu...

I think this class may be good for you, you can learn how to discover and appreciate your feminine side.

On second don't need this class.

Anonymous said...

10:54 understands how things work around here.

Anonymous said...

All Green has done is give the WC blood sucking adult probation office another idea for bleeding us dry. Go to a wedding, have 2-3 drinks over a couple of hours. Start home when some some non insured wet back pulls out in front of you and YOU get screwed weekly for the next five years by a bible toting bitch of a probation officer. Can't wait until I get to go to morality class.