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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • If you ever wanted proof that a grand jury serves no purpose read this story: "A Tarrant County grand jury on Wednesday rebuffed prosecutors and declined to indict a 21-year-old Parker County man accused of participating in the shooting of Fort Worth police officer Matt Pearce in March. Prosecutors quickly refiled charges of attempted capital murder and possession of a controlled substance against Ed Russell McIver Jr. of Weatherford." There is no double jeopardy issues. The prosecutor will simply just wait until there's a new grand jury and keep trying until they get an indictment. Fair?
  • If you can't get passed your own grand jury, how do you expect to get past an impartial jury who must be convinced of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? 
  • I heard they had released a few tickets to Muhammad Ali's funeral to the public. Members of the public then turned around and tried to sell them online.
  • Anyone think the NBA playoffs are fixed to get as many games in as possible?
  • Disturbing pic of the morning: One car fatality accident shuts down I-35 in Dallas.
  • Whatever happened to my nemesis Ann Curry?
  • Heard in the Wise County district courtroom yesterday morning: "The only thing I listen to are the imaginary voices in my wife's head." 
  • Random football program cover: The TCU vs. SMU cover from 1970 was very flamboyant.
  • I got a replacement credit card the other day. New for me: No raised numbers on the front. In fact, the numbers are just printed on the back. And it also has a chip which I think means "You'll be confused as to whether the merchant wants you to slide it on the scanner or insert it underneath, and it will take 30 seconds to approve once you've figured that part out." 
  • There has been an ongoing debate on The Ticket about whether the "Chewbacca Mom" was faking the laugh. After hours of deliberation, my verdict is: Absolutely guilty.
  • In the newest "no body" murder case, a judge has been hearing pre-trial motions in the Enrique Arochi prosecution in Collin County. Watch for this: The defense filed for a change of venue with supporting affidavits (a requirement). The State, I believe, didn't file controverting affidavits (which, unbeknownst to them, is also a requirement). If the judge doesn't move the trial, it is automatic error. (Or at least it used to be.)
  • The valedictorian of Boyd High School (in McKinney, not Boyd) is an undocumented alien. She has a full scholarship to Yale. Would Trump send her back?
  • Oh, and an honors graduate from an Austin high school, who is also an undocumented alien, has received a full ride to the University of Texas.