The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Look! I finally found a girl picture, and according to the University of Washington, that is what a cheerleader should look like.
  • I'm not sure the bloody shirt in the Midlothian case is going to amount to much. I think it is what it is.
  • Michael Phelps: "I know I probably have moments where I have gone off the deep end where I shouldn't." Uh, ya think?
  • Someone knocked on one of our windows before 6am this morning. Time for cameras. And, yes, the baseball bat came out.
  • Anybody got a sheep this gal can pet? I love the crazy Craiglist postings. So many weird people out there. 
  • Has anyone else in the history of presidents campaigning named their running mate this early in the process?
  • Now that we have all mocked the lack of weather a couple of days ago, you know we'll get horrible weather tonight and tomorrow. Also, this ain't looking like I'll get that burrito.
  • The Senior In The House is driving me crazy with her lack of concern on how little time left she has before college to get stuff done. I'm feeling a little stressed. Ok, a lot stressed.