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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Look! I finally found a girl picture, and according to the University of Washington, that is what a cheerleader should look like.
  • I'm not sure the bloody shirt in the Midlothian case is going to amount to much. I think it is what it is.
  • Michael Phelps: "I know I probably have moments where I have gone off the deep end where I shouldn't." Uh, ya think?
  • Someone knocked on one of our windows before 6am this morning. Time for cameras. And, yes, the baseball bat came out.
  • Anybody got a sheep this gal can pet? I love the crazy Craiglist postings. So many weird people out there. 
  • Has anyone else in the history of presidents campaigning named their running mate this early in the process?
  • Now that we have all mocked the lack of weather a couple of days ago, you know we'll get horrible weather tonight and tomorrow. Also, this ain't looking like I'll get that burrito.
  • The Senior In The House is driving me crazy with her lack of concern on how little time left she has before college to get stuff done. I'm feeling a little stressed. Ok, a lot stressed.



Anonymous said...

And yet...that's EXACTLY the type of cheerleader that the university selects. The hypocrisy on this is off the charts. When the U of W starts selecting its cheerleaders no matter their looks or body type...then they'll have a leg to stand on in disavowing the "how to look for tryouts" poster.

Bacon said...

Bacon Scale
1 out of 5
Come on Mrs. LL bring back the pet pics or find better girls.

Not a good start to Thursday.

Triple Fake... said...

Finally, a RT pic to cheer for. YAY!

"...gone off the deep end where I shouldn't."
Odd choice of words for a swimmer

The lake has reopened and you've got a kayak. Paddle over there for your burrito!

Dog blood...human blood. Why wouldn't you just throw the shirt away instead of taking it to the cleaners? Must be some super special shirt!

"Golden Boy didn't make it!"
Triple Fake Jerry Seinfeld

Anonymous said...

Well, don't leave us hanging! Who was knocking on your window? Did you call the cops? What???

Anonymous said...

Re window knocking. Please wear the pants in the family Mrs. LL and go get a handgun or home defense style shotgun. Then go get properly trained on how to shoot said weapon. That baseball bat isn't going to help much. And please don't let BG around it.

Anonymous said...

Senior in house. You have enough stress going on in your household! Hang in there. It will all happen in due time, and as long as she is accepted, has a registration time (Do they still do that at orientation/Fish Camp? Do they still call it orientation?)and has a place to is good.
The rest is fluff.
You supply money. She goes away. You supply money. She comes home at random times. For the next 12-15 years, your home is just a swinging door attached to a big bag of $$$$.
Then she will find her place in life and you will miss her like crazy and stress over that.

Anonymous said...

Running mate: Now, there is even more reason to vote against Cruz!

(Oh, I am woman...don't hear me roar.)

Anonymous said...

what stuff does one need to get done before college?

Anonymous said...

Don't start being like Barry and not read the print of a story you put out there. The University of Washington story is more pc crap. If you read the story you will see that this was TIPS about how to tryout for the squad because of questions they routinely got asked. A person could try out with their hair in curlers and in a fleece sweatsuit if they wanted to. The real problem here is that they used a white, blond to illustrate. If the picture was a black girl NOTHING would have been said. Political Correctness has ruined America.

Anonymous said...

Sad the cheerleader pic isn't clickable - enlargeable.

Bats are okay for self defense unless the suspect has a gun, a bigger bat, or Chinese throwing stars.

Anonymous said...

wasn't a person window knockin. I bet it was bird or sumpin like that.

df rook ramsey

Anonymous said...

Ms. Skippy. Why don't you just put a sign in your yard that says this is a gun free zone?

sparkerr said...

Mrs. LL,
You are doing a great job with the blog. Some of the men have odd comments when you post a picture of a guy as the RT. It cracks me up.

The cheerleader tips are pretty funny.

Keep up the good work. Let us know how Barry is because I am still concerned but because you are posting, I feel like things are progressing for him.

Anonymous said...

Of course nobody was knocking on your window at 6 in the morning. At that hour a curious bird was just investigating a reflection.

Oh, and if it were to be a bad guy, you would eat that bay long before you could swing it. You have no clue what bad guys are actually capable of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the Best Of Craigslist.

Baby visiting for the holidays? I GOT YOU COVERED.


NoseALot said...

Soak the bloody shirt in cold water and the blood will leach out Then, throw it in the washer.

Anonymous said...

This is like the time Redd Fox walked off Sanford and Son for half a year and Grady took over.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that bats gonna do a lot of good. Pls arm yourself as you seem like the adult in the relationship. If not for you then for little Barry and your girls.

Anonymous said...

Keep the animal pics going!

Anonymous said...

I'm annoyed by all of the apostrophes in today's pic! People: DOs and DON'Ts, not DO's and DON'T's. PLURAL vs. Possessive.