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Tuesday Random Morning Thoughts

  • The 7th Grader in The House had a softball tournament last night. We made it to the 8:00 pm Championship Game....yay! And we're going to State! I could do a whole post on my evening....I carpooled four middle school girls, got Subway in between games when 911 had to be called for a guy that passed out in front of me in line and I was also the scorekeeper for both of our games. So much drama in my evening.
  • I heard an 8th grader use the phrase, "I don't want to throw shade his way, but....". I officially feel old because I have no idea where that came from.
  • Berry White was on the news again. Another storm is a brewing.
  • I meant to make the crazy shootings in Ohio a bullet point yesterday but didn't quite get to it. That has to be the craziest story yet. And, oddly, yes there was marijuana involved.
  • Update on Barry? He's doing really well. He did spend a couple of weeks in two different hospitals and was discharged late last week. He'll be back at the blog before you know it. He's an oddly private guy that blogs publicly. I'll let him post on what he's been through. I will give ya updates though.
  • I'll apologize now for the slow approving of comments. I, thankfully, still have a job during the day.
  • I like posting pics of available cute dogs at the Animal Shelter, but be warned, the female portion of the Liberally Lean Nation wouldn't mind some Man Candy. It'll happen.
  • I actually have a sports post. I listened to the The Cowboys Pre-Draft Press Release on The Ticket before the softball game. Jerry did not disappoint. Listen. 
  • Hey! We have reader submitted bullet points! Thank you, Caleb!
  • The Republican candidate for Denton County Sheriff stepped into this weekend when he waded into the “bathroom debate” on Facebook. ( What this has to do with his Sheriff duties is a mystery.
  •  Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to try and stop Trump from winning Oregon, New Mexico, and Indiana. Cruz will make a play for Indiana (where he is behind in the polls) and Kasich will take Oregon and New Mexico. You can’t make this stuff up.(
  •  Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island vote today. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead their races – by double digits. Remind me how they’re going to #StopTrump or the public is #FeelingTheBern.