The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • How cute is this pup? You can find him and maybe even give him a different name than Bozo. Then again, he does have pretty big looking feet. 

  • I can't tell you how much I appreciated all the positive comments yesterday....on my grammar. A little insight into the Liberally Lean Headquarters.....his grammar mistakes drive me bonkers. All that said, I'll admit to two mistakes. Anyone catch them? One is not grammar related. 
  • We have chances of severe weather again this week. I'm not sure Lake Bridgeport can handle it. I may have to fire up the Liberally Lean Weather System. 
  • I went for a jog today and saw a Mama Duck with her tiny baby ducks. A little later I stopped to see another Mama Duck with bigger ducks and a male duck. I appreciated the Daddy Duck for hanging out with the family. I never see that. Abit more during this jog, I see four males ducks hanging around one female duck with tiny babies. I actually stopped and pulled out my head phones only to realize this was not a friendly scene. I'm not sure I've seen anything so violent in nature.  
  • A DFW elementary school is taking submissions to rename the school. They'll take this seriously, right? Surely.
  • Next month The Senior In The House will turn 18, experience prom and graduate. I'm in full panic mode. I'm being told there's nothing legal I can do to enforce an agreement that she signed at the age when she was five that she would never grow up.
    • Speaking of Prom, this story makes me very nervous. 
  • Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland go to the polls tomorrow. Political Progress on my part.
  • I have a non Wise County relative that is a HUGE Bearnie supporter. She started posting articles about him last year.