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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • I need that pig, but I think we have enough animals for now.
  • Fox 4 showed images of cars being covered up before the storm to protect from the possible hail. It reminded me of the Egg Drop Project from Elementary School.
  • To the police in Midlothian, let me solve this for you. The husband has a girlfriend and they planned the attack together. Finally, all those Dateline shows and Lifetime Movies have come in handy.
  • The storm system was mostly a dud, except for Grayson County.
  • I'm a little slow getting these RTs out today. Another night of getting home late and getting up super early.
  • Happy Administrative Assistant's Day!
  • For the record, Channing Tatum is not that young. He is in his 30's. Thank you very much!
  • Johnny Manziel was indicted yesterday. Let's fast forward about eight months. I have a feeling his punishment, if found guilty, will be light. There's your HLO (Hot Legal Opinion) for the day.
  • I'm hearing that Lake Bridgeport will be open at noon today. The 7th grader in the house frowned on my idea of kayaking last weekend. "The lake is closed to ALL water traffic," she said.
  • How's One Stop? I need to know that they'll be open so I can partake of my Saturday morning breakfast burrito with their homemade salsa. (Not an embedded advertisement, just a hope.)
  • I think it's almost time for the NFL draft, that I care very little about. Now College Football, yes, I love it.
  • I really miss this guy! I'm sorry if you had happily forgotten about him. (The next video in line was a camel giving birth. My head nearly exploded.)
  • Sometimes the best part of my day is the comments. Thanks for making me laugh and the explanation on shade.
  • The two mistakes on made on Friday were (1) Not using block form and (2) Leaving Random out of the title.
  • 32 days till school is out. Hello, Summer.