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The Oregon Standoff Is Closed

Man, according to The Ticket, there was a live broadcast of the feds trying to arrest them in the final standoff. And it was some kind of broadcast where people could hack in (?) as the protesters talked. Periscope? There was one lady who claimed she was driving five hours to go help the protesters out.

She's the lady above.

This requires further investigation!


Anonymous said...

hey now!

RPM said...

It was a live feed on YouTube as a sympathiser was doing his home version of a talk show. I listened to it for over an hour last night. Those people are in serious need of medication. Talk about a train wreck! They screwed up and gave out the phone number during the conversation between the "host" and the people in the compound. The trolls absolutely carpe diem.

BTW, you should see the condition of the building they "occupied". You can take the people out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the people.

Anonymous said...

It would not have taken this long if it wasnt a bunch of Cracker A#$ white people.

Anonymous said...

So, were the people on The Ticket arrested or what?

Anonymous said...

So is Sean's BBQ.