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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump! Sanders! Win! Idiocracy!
  • Beyonce mentioned Red Lobster in a song at the Super Bowl and its sales are up. You know what? I have no idea where a Red Lobster is in Fort Worth or Denton. 
  • Big discussion up at the courthouse as of late: Should the police, on a routine traffic stop, have the right to ask you "where are you are headed?" Does that delay the "detention" for a reason unrelated to the traffic stop.
  • And I'll admit they intentionally "drew me offsides" yesterday on the Third Floor of the courthouse to no end. It's fun, interesting, and intelligent arguments, but if I had a blood pressure monitor on me, EMS would have been called. (And I should have charged an admission price to a particular probation officer who was entertained more than anything else he saw yesterday.)
  • I dropped the 7th Grader in The House off at school at 5:50 this morning for practice. 5:50!!!!
  • "Speaking to the Ector County Commissioners’ Court on Monday morning, District Judge Sara Kate Billingsley said a threat has been made against her life, and in response, commissioners approved the creation of a bailiff position for her courtroom." She didn't have a bailiff?
  • "The disciplinary board of the Texas State Bar on Monday affirmed the agency’s decision to disbar Charles Sebesta, the former prosecutor who oversaw the wrongful death sentence of Anthony Graves." Wow. The State Bar actually does something other than print the most boring magazine in the history of ever!
  • Mrs. LL had jury duty yesterday. The prosecutor asked her if my occupation would impact her in any way. She said no. Then the second chair prosecutor suddenly said, "May we approach, your honor?"  (She couldn't hear what was said.) She never made it on the jury. My ego wants me to believe the prosecutor suddenly realized, "Oh, my! She's married to that crazy blog guy!"
  • Dallas is debating whether they should let the eXXXitca Convention should be allowed back. If there is nothing illegal going on and they want to ban it based upon its "content", they would have a heck of a Freedom of Speech lawsuit on their hands. (But the odd part is that billionaire Ray Hunt is leading the "ban this!" crowd. Why does he care?)
  • Decatur is home to the Waggoner Mansion. Yesterday it was announced that "Stan Kroenke, the billionaire owner of the NFL’s Rams, has agreed to purchase the historic W.T. Waggoner Estate Ranch in Texas . . . . Terms for the purchase of the more than 520,000-acre estate" were not announced. It was listed for $725 million.