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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I only get one complaint about our local Justices of the Peace: Some of them take all day to show up at the Wise County Jail to set bonds for people who were arrested the night/day before. Hey, get out there at 9:00. It is not that hard. You guys work for us. And has anyone thought about doing that process online via video? 
  • A 102 year old Bridgeport woman was honored at a Mav's game the other night.
  • MADD claims they receive no money from ignition interlock companies despite the fact they lobby to have those devices installed at every level. If I was in Vegas, I'd place $100 on "That has to be a bold faced lie." There has to be some connection. Follow the money.
  • Incredible: Our under indictment Texas Attorney General sided with Baylor PD to shield records about sex assault reports because they are "not of legitimate concern to the public". Police departments and DA's offices who won't turn over records to the press drive me nuts. Speaking of, the Montague County DA still won't turn over the documents requested by the Messenger related to the shooting of a man and the shooting of the Wise County Sheriff's Office drug dog. There is no reason not to unless they are hiding something. (And I've heard rumors.)
  • Gravitational waves were discovered in space because two black holes collided? The chance of me understanding that is less than 1%.
  • Waco hit 83 degrees yesterday setting a record. Also, yesterday was the six year anniversary of the biggest snowstorm in metroplex history and the anniversary of me (1) separating my shoulder while sledding and (2) coming to the realization I'm not as young as I think I am. 
  • Political nerds: A site which is absolutely credible has set up an interactive map tracking the number of "likes" on Facebook for presidential candidates based upon geography. You can even see Wise County, and I'll say I'm surprised. 
  • Funny thing someone said to me yesterday: "I like your arrogance ... no [panic voice] ... I didn't mean to use the word arrogance!" 
  • Ted Cruz had to pull down an ad because it was discovered one of the actresses was a former "soft" porn star. I would have loved to have been in the room when one of his aids had to walk up to him and say, "Uh, Mr. Cruz . . . . " (And I got a giggle looking for the story by Googling "Cruz Soft Porn".)
  • As a guy who monitors crime in Wise County all the time, let me tell you something: If your kid is on a "dating site", you need to tell them to be careful. There are scams going on. 
  • Ranger Manager Jeff Banister was on The Ticket yesterday and he was fantastic. He talked about how he was hospitalized as a young man and then teared up talking about how sad he was that he caused his parents so much worry. How refreshing. Compare: Robot Jason Garrett.
  • And Jerry Jones teared up this week talking about his parents in an interview. 
  • A police chase in the metroplex led to a head on collision killing two with one of the most horrific traffic photos you'll see.