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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I watched a great episode of Vice about ISIS and how it is all goes back to our invasion of Iraq and how we unstabilized the Middle East. By the way, Iraq is basically three states now: Shiite, Sunni, Kurd. 
  • Mrs. LL and I watched the Blair Witch Project again this weekend. The first time she saw it she thought it was real and was traumatized to no end. 
  • I've given up on pointing out advertisements buried as news stories because they are so obvious now. 
  • Fox 4 News might have hired a consultant who told them "more banter between you guys." 
  • I drop off the 7th Grader in the House to school every day and she is as disciplined as me. We leave at 6:47 and arrive at 7:04. Her constant contest is to see if her best friend beats us by one minute or not. I asked her this morning if we won and she told me, "No. They have to meet their lawyer today." Me: "What?" Her: "They were hit by a car last year." Me: "Keep me updated on this."
  • TV commercials have upgraded their game.
  • There are three guys on the third floor of the courthouse who always try to get me riled up. My response, when I'm smart, is to tell them "I'm in a three point stance, and I will not jump off sides."
  • Mrs. LL wore the craziest pants this weekend since Cam Newton left for the Super Bowl.
  • I watched the last half of one of the Hunger Games movies this weekend. Pretty, pretty good. 
  • Super Bowl: (1) Lady Gaga was good on the national anthem, (2) I didn't have any problem with the halftime show - I loved it, (3) Cam Newton would have been better if he had a second to throw the ball, (4) Bridgeport's Collin Jones has received some criticism about the punt return but that whole play was weird -- why not call a fair catch and Jones didn't want to run into him. (5) I want to go to San Francisco. (6) Peyton Manning referenced Budweiser in his post game interview. The Ticket told me that is against NFL policy but since he will retire, why does he care? He got paid.
  • I found a book named "History of Wise County" this weekend which was originally published in 1907. I'm giddy.
  • What kind of bird is that at Lake Bridgeport which will fly down and sit in the water? It's the equivalent of a fresh water seagull.