Random Wednesday Morning Thought

Edit: I have been called out on more grammatical errors than usual. I'm in trial. I banged this thing out in about five minutes and  hit "publish".
  • I keeps seeing this viral video of a guy cuddling with a mammoth bear. I don't think he has ever seen Grizzly Man.
  • The State of the Union seemed more entertaining than usual. But is there any worse job than being the Speaker of the House from the different party than the President with the camera on you all night?
  • But the President, surprisingly, did not mention guns.
  • Donald Trump did not think it was entertaining: "The #SOTU speech is really boring, slow, lethargic - very hard to watch!"
  • And why was Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis at State of the Union (she the one who wouldn't issue same sex marriage licenses.)
  • Are these SuperPac ads which do nothing acting a candidate new? I saw one that did nothing but go after Rubio this morning.
  • We had another Iranian Hostage Crisis yesterday. But our ten sailors have already been released. (But there something weird that two of our boats ended up off course because of "navigation issues".)
  • The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo will ban Confederate battle flags at events this year. 
  • To the two girls who allegedly attacked a city worker, do you really need you own names tattooed on your chests?