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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Marvel Comics has a movie coming out named Black Panther? (Countdown to someone commenting: "What's his superpower? Suppressing conservative voters?" And cue the "BadaBing" sound") 
  • Kudos to the judge who reduced the amount of the Affluenza Mom's bond. She may be a screw up, but she deserves to be treated fairly. 
  • But one of her sons said his mom's bank account had a balance on minus 99 billion? The Ticket told me this morning that is what is reported once the government "freezes" your account. I have no idea if that is true. 
  • The onside kick (quick and easy Vine here) in last night's Championship Game was a thing of beauty. And Nick Saban winning 4 national championships in 7 years may never be matched. I can't believe it can even happen during this day and time. 
  • I started my "crazy football trips" in the 1990s and the first one involved Clemson, the University of Georgia (hey, R.E.M is from Athens!) and then the Georgia Dome for an Atlanta Falcons game. But, out of all of those, I was stunned by Clemson. The campus was beautiful and the stadium made me think I was at UT. I had no idea how intense it was going to be. 
  • ESPN's "Way Too Early" Top 5 for next year: (1) Clemson, (2) Alabama, (3) Baylor, (4) Michigan, (5) Oklahoma.
  • Fifty years ago, the original (comedy?) of Batman premiered on TV. The show was great. I sat there as a child and was enthralled with the drama. My dad was laughing in the background because the writers threw in comedic lines that went over my head. (And how about those Batman drawn in eyebrows?):

  • Aren't you a little nervous if you are Sean Penn? 
  • The State of the Union speech is tonight. I'm a political junkie, but I always find it to be a beating. Trivia: Shortest address: George Washington with 1.089 words. Longest: Jimmy Carter with 33,667 words. 
  • I bet I said this 10 years ago in connection with the State of the Union: I would start if off with, "I know those watching have worked all day and are tired and have responsibilities this evening other than listening to me. Because of that, I will keep this brief." And then I'd be done in 15 minutes. 
  • I can't remember the name of the Sheriff who always makes appearances on Fox News, but I can never get past how he is dressed up like he is General Patton.