The Campaign For DA


Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • It wasn't the Powerball, but someone in Decatur won between $1 and $2 million last night. It was sold at the Horizon in Decatur off of 287. (But, of course, they could live somewhere else.)
  • "Olympic Gold Medal Winner Picabo Street Charged With Assault".  Not sure about the charges, but I always have thought that was a cool name.
  • Over the holidays, my family asked me, "Is it legal for someone to fly a drone over your home." Like anyone can really know that!
  • Awkward moment last night on Bill O'Reilly when interviewing Ben Carson (who just happens to be black.) O'Reilly asked him, "I heard tomorrow at the debate we will have 'Carson Unchanged'."  Good lord.  Why didn't he just say, Django Unchained?
  • There was nothing more bizarre when HBO's Hard Knocks show had NFL star Antonio Cromartie try to name all of his children. He now has 10. And now he and his wife are expecting twins.
  • Trying a case by yourself is exhausting. But it does do one thing: Motivate you. You prepare because you know it is all on you.
  • I stumbled across a speech of Trump at a Florida appearance last night. His reception by that group was insane. It was like he was appearing at Rednecks With Paychecks.
  • I know I'm in minority, but I'm not "outraged" by  U.S. sailors having to momentarily keep their hands over their heads once they were detained for going into Iranian. Afterwards, they were fed and promptly released. There are people on a U.S. traffic stop which will be treated worse today.
  • There were three winning Powerball tickets last night -- none in Texas.
  • Ted Cruz seems to be in hot water. His 2012 campaign was fueled by a $1 million loan from Goldman Sach's where his wife worked. The problem is that he didn't disclose it on federal forms.
  • Dozens of people are camping out around a ChikfilA in Arlington. Am I missing something?
  • Hans Gruber from Die Hard has died.