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Rumor: Decatur Church To Sell Property To Convenience Store And Be Torn Down

This is absolutely unconfirmed (which has never stopped me from blogging about anything.)

The Cornerstone Baptist Church sits on a piece of property off the exit of FM 51 off 287  in Decatur. That land is worth a fortune from a commercial standpoint. The property right across the street from it hasn't sold for over a decade because the owners are demanding a fortune and waiting for the right buyer. They will eventually get it.

The rumor is that Cornerstone will sell the property to Quickmart. It would be a genius move. Take the money and build a new sanctuary.

(By the way, I finally went to Buc-ees the other day. It was crazy. It is like six convenience stores combined without walls. Food. Clothes. A deli. Custom made beef jerky behind glass. It was like Allsup's on acid.)

Oh, and the source of this rumor is . . . (just kidding, darlin').

Unrelated: Something is weird with the host of this site today which causes some computers to stall on the site. I'm deleting sidebars and doing other html stuff to try and diagnose the problem. I suspect the Texas Republican Party. (Just kidding, darlin').  Edit: I think I tracked it down.


Anonymous said...

That rumor has been floating around for a while now. Wasn't it supposed to be an HEB a year or so ago?

Anonymous said...

They should buy the Allsups site instead and tear it down, since it is a dump and would be run out of business by a new competitor in short order.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean "Quick trip"?

Anonymous said...

FWIW, the "stall" problem has been happening since late last week for me (using Chrome - haven't tried other browsers).

Anonymous said...

I've been to 3 of the Buc-ee's flagship stores and none of their smaller stores.

Triple Fake... said...

oh goody, more traffic around that intersection. I don't understand the desire to cram as many businesses as possible into that one little area. There's tons of real estate on the highway north and south of town.
Eventually, nobody will go there anymore because it's too crowded!

Triple Fake Yogi Berra

Anonymous said...

Firefox is stalling with an unresponsive script.

My rumor mill says Cornerstone has sold for $5.5 million, have the money in hand, and have a year to vacate the property. They will build before they tear down the old church. Nice move! Some family members were founders of that church.

Anonymous said...


What would Jesus do?

Let me present another option.

Split the 5.5 mil across the congregation, and let everyone find a new church.


Anonymous said...

Some of my relatives helped found the Fundamental Baptist Church (renamed Cornerstone)....they wouldn't recognize it in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Cornerstone has its revenge on FBC

Anonymous said...

Barry, there is nothing wrong with your internets. Just continue about your business. Everything is perfectly normal. We swear.

DF Your Friends at The National Security Agency
doing worry about a backup. we have copies already.

Anonymous said...

They already started construction on the property across the street I think. Sign says Dominoes.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the pickled quail eggs at Buc-ees

Ronald Fox said...

Thank you for the support…. but just to claify a few rumors:

The property is under contract, no guarntee it will close but so far it is looking good. We are looking forward to the future as a church family; great things are ahead!

Anonymous said...

Church= the modern business plan of the conman.
At least with a gas station you have a fair deal. Church always promises.... Never delivers.