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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • That's a bonus second pic because someone sent it to me. That is Raquel Welch (now age 75) from back in the day.  And I love that billboard in the background. True Grit was rated "M"? I don't remember "M". Admission: I've never seen True Grit and was stunned to see Glen Campbell's name on the billboard. I had no idea. (I've referenced his Wichita Lineman on this blog an embarrassing number of times.)
  • We now have the most bizarre story of the year: Former Dallas Maverick and Kardashian-by-marriage Lamar Odom is in critical condition after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel owned by Dennis Hof (who is famous for the Cathouse reality series on HBO.)  To ramp this up, Odom had taken "herbal Viagra", drank a bottle of Cognac, had been at the "house" for three days, and had to be driven to the hospital because he was too tall for Careflight. (I think my head just exploded from typing this.) EDIT: Wait a second. Someone just mentioned that the 911 call was placed by former Ticket employee Dick Hunter (who was a huge fan of Dennis Hof and got married at the Bunny Ranch)!
  • And I only thought my Sports Weekend was pretty kick arse. 
  • Not to kick the guy while he is down, but The Ticket had a round table a couple of years back and agreed the Odom was the biggest spare in Mav's history because he didn't even remotely care about giving an effort. Mark Cuban shockingly called in to tell them they didn't know what they were talking about because they "didn't know" what he knew. (See: "Smartest guy in the room.")  Odom was signed by the Mavericks for $8.2 million for the 2012 season, ended up being one of the most shocking free agent busts in NBA history and was eventually allowed to simply walk away. Cuban always says, "If you don't see the sucker at the table, the sucker is you." 
  • I've never had a flu shot. I've never had the flu. 
  • "A former employee on Tuesday filed suit to formally have Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk removed from office . . . The lawsuit comes under a rarely used, obscure provision in the law that allows nearly any [county] resident to seek the removal of an elected official based on incompetence, official misconduct or drunkenness, on or off duty." It's not an "obscure provision", it is an insane law. Here it is in the Texas Local Government Code: "Sec. 87.013.  GENERAL GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL.  (a)  An officer may be removed for: (1)  incompetency; (2)  official misconduct;  or (3)  intoxication on or off duty caused by drinking an alcoholic beverage."  You read that last provision correctly: A public official in Texas can be removed from office for getting drunk in his home. 
  • Then again, Susan Hawk makes $210,000 in taxpayer money plus benefits and retirement. 
  • Her lawyer called the lawsuit an “outrageous abuse of the system.”  Jackie Chiles, the lawyer from Seinfeld, once said a lawsuit was "lewd, lascivious, salacious, outrageous!"
  • I didn't watch a second of the Democratic debate. Those debates will play no role in the eventual outcome. 
  • I've never seen an episode of the TV show Fargo despite the fact that I know I'd love it. 
  • I walked out of the bathroom this morning and saw that Mrs. LL was watching The Heartbreak Kid starring Ben Stiller. I've always loved that movie, but I've never found anyone else who even remotely agrees with me. Sheesh! It's a Farelly brothers' film!


Guinjames said...

If you ever watch the original "True Grit" you will no doubt come to the realization that Glen Cambell should have stuck to singing.

wordkyle said...

I agree with 836. I love True Grit (both versions) but Glen Campbell and Kim Darby are stiff as boards in the 1969 version. John Wayne carries the movie by being John Wayne, and his performance is not subtle.

Anonymous said...

3 days in a Cathouse? That's a 72 hr. erection! He must have OD'd on Viagra

Anonymous said...

What kind of man has never seen True Grit?

I don't know about the series but the Fargo movie was the second worse movie I ever paid for behind Fight Club. I actually asked for my money back on Fight Club as a joke and they shockingly gave it to me!

DF Lucky Ned Pepper

DF Ready to Play Parcheesi said...

heartbreak kid is maybe his best role (comedy wise) ever, yes, I said ever!
Walter Mitty aint too bad...

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Alright Mr. LL,

Those 8 boobs and four hotties are better than yesterday's boy-butt blondie.
And then Add Welch on top of that! Smoking gun? well i got a 14-inch one!

Triple Fake... said...

You have made some fairly outrageous comments over the years on the subjects of religion, politics, sports, and pop culture. But you've just floored me with the comment that you've never seen True Grit! And that you didn't know Glen Campbell was in it. How could you not stumble across it by accident when it has played a gazillion times on TV? And Wayne did earn his lone Oscar for that role (although he should have won for The Searchers. Don't get me started!)
The ratings used from 1968 to 1970 were:
Rated G: General audiences
Rated M: Mature audiences – parental guidance advised
Rated R: Restricted – admission limited to persons older than 16, unless accompanied by parent or adult guardian.
Rated X: No one younger than 16 admitted

Ditto on Glen sticking to singing. But he was among the group of stunt castings (Rick Nelson, Frankie Avalon) in the Duke's films, presumably to draw in the younger audience. Or maybe he was magnanimous enough to give them a shot, knowing it wouldn't hurt his films' drawing power

The bonus pic trumps the first pic because it's Raquel, and well, there's so much wrong with the other pic.

Enough Already award winners:
1. I quit smoking. (All that time your mouth spent on this habit is now used to beat us down about it)
2. I quit drinking sodas (see #1)
3. I never get a flu shot, and I never get the flu. (You're probably a super carrier, Typhoid Mary!)
4. I'm a vegan (Of all the animals that would reciprocate, none would cite moral, health, or religious grounds for not eating you)

Anonymous said...

Glad the RTGs were thinking safety and brought their flotation devices.

And thanks for Raquel. Wow.

Anonymous said...

The drug label on the herbal Viagra that I take specifically states drug interactions with cognac, hookers and short helicopters. It also says if you maintain an erection for 72 hours you are likely to die happy.

DF Airforce Amy

Anonymous said...

Only movie Duke ever won an Oscar for.

Anonymous said...

I was going to watch the debate last night but i decided to watch paint dry instead


Anonymous said...

Raquel Welch, unlike 99% of your RTGS 100% natural. And yes, she is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

I've never had a flu shot. I've never had the flu.

Let's be careful not to confuse correlation for causation, okay?

Anonymous said...

RTG's all good, but the one on the far right obviously has a head so big it is hurting her back and she's squatting like she has a crap to take.

Anonymous said...

Then again, Susan Hawk makes $210,000 in taxpayer money plus benefits and retirement.

Are you complaining because she is white?
Illegals make pretty darn good free money too and I don't hear you complaining about them.

Some of them just come here for 90 day periods so they can get benefits, then off they go.

DF Lawyer J. Noble Daggett said...

Never seen True Grit? That's borderline Communism right there.

Anonymous said...

9:41 - Do adults still drink sodas? Do they eat a lot of candy too?

Anonymous said...

If the Democratic debate last night didn't scare the hell out of you for the future of our country then there is something seriously wrong with you. It was the biggest joke of a debate I'd ever seen without a serious, tough question being asked. It seriously felt like they were all in on it with CNN and tried to make it more of a branding campaign for the party as a whole. It is clear they have already chosen Clinton, and I think it is clear Bernie is in on it.

Anonymous said...

Additional crazy wrinkle: On The Ticket they mentioned that the 911 call was placed by former employee Richard Hunter, who apparently works for the brothel now.

Anonymous said...

10:31, based on the fat people with missing teeth I see at Walmart I would say adults in Wise County drink a lot of sodas.

Anonymous said...

I watched less than 5 minutes of clips of Dim Damn Dem debates and ALL I heard was Hillary blaming Republicans for just about everything from Aids to Bluebell closing down.

I wonder if blaming Obama for not recognizing he's half white could put her in the "white" house?

Remember - "Black houses matter"

Anonymous said...

It's funny that everyone is so crazy for Welch, given her very liberal leanings. I guess faith and politics both take a back seat to sex for conservatives.

And go figure that Wordkyle would admire a draft dodging wife beater like John Wayne.


Anonymous said...

For me, the BEST possible version of True Grit involves John Wayne playing Rooster in the 2010 Cohen Brothers film. Same script. Working alongside the same fellow actors and actresses from 2010.

Kim Darby in the 1969 film was too old to play a 14-year old and not a great actress (even though she did well a few years prior on a Star Trek episode).

The girl in the 2010 version was the right age and knocked it out of the park.

Read the original novel. It's a great read.

Anonymous said...

Hey bu since you missed the debate pls allow me to bring you up to speed.

Hillary wins 2016 and is our next commander is chief.


Anonymous said...

John Wayne did not dodge a draft. There wasn't one during WWII. He also applied for the Army, Marines and Air Force but was given a medical deferment. Get your facts straight, you liberal weenie sucking prick.

Anonymous said...

I had the flu once, and now I get the shot every year. Just sucks...

Triple Fake... said...

It's true that Kim Darby's portrayal of Mattie Ross in True Grit is stiff and wooden. But the source novel by Charles Portis portrays her in that way, and Darby nailed it. She was single-minded in her pursuit of the killer, humorless, matter-of-fact, and spoke bluntly. Probably not unusual for a landowner's book-smart daughter from near Dardanelle in Yell County.
There's no excuse for Campbell's performance, except that he had no acting experience. But surely intimidating for them both to play their first major roles opposite a film icon

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Travis County democratic DA convicted of drunk driving and allowed to keep her job? I loved the jail house video of her having to have a spit bag put on her head because she was so out of control.

Anonymous said...

Why all the criticism of Lamar? I mean, who hasn't woke up incapacitated in a brothel after three straight days? Am I right or am I right?

How about those Cowboys!

DF Jerry Jones

Anonymous said...

BG you should change your name to Dick Hunter!

Anonymous said...

Watched every second of debate. Someone correct me if I have any of this wrong as far as what the takeaway was.

Free 4yr college tuition for all- now when I say all, I mean all.
Even wetback kids. And those Evvvvvvil wallstreet traders are going to pay for it.

Did I mention free college tuition for all kids?
Hey! We are going to arrange it where as all children will have free college.

Healthcare free? Sure! Hell we'll even include those rascally illegal immigrants as participants too!

Gun crime? Naw not a problem at all in the inner city. Those rural states like Vermont have problems too--the residents don't realize it. We will fix this crisis with (GET THIS) background checks and --wait for it, wait for it, wait, wait ---more medicaid enrollment for mental head cases to voluntarily go in and tell their doctors their homicidal thoughts. Gee--wish my IQ was somewhere even in the same dimension as these candidates.

ISIS ? ISIS? --What's that? No, the real problems we face on an immediate threat are coal plants and those greedy, slovenly, fat cats on Wall Street--if we just bent them over and ripped that wallet out of their back pocket then all this climate change could be fixed immediately with a little carbon credit charges being thrown in for good measure.

Did I mention free college for all who want to attend?

Hillary went and made a pee pee and her urine stream is not as powerful and quick as it used to be. Ha ha ha ha ha ha .

Those damned Wall Streeters are going to pay--you just wait and see!

Denmark and Sweden rocks! Hell they let women off on paid maternity leave--and their women can nurture their blond-haired little angels for long time and get paid to do it. Small businesses even participate in this scheme. Pay for it! Read the paragraph above. Nevermind that Sweden and Denmark make exactly what if I might ask? Doesn't matter--they are far superior in their governances the we are of--and more compassionate too!

Bush sucks and is even responsible for Hillary having to devulge Top Secret emails by private server (which doesn't even come close to what Edward Snowden did according to the candidates)--if it wasn't for that darned Bush then Hillary would have never had to write those kind of things anyway.

Basically what was laid out last night was a smorgasboard of human delights and giveaways courtesy of the Rich that every one of us little people will be able to partake of if only we will grant the entitlement Masters four more years of the current scheme now taking place--with even more of our Southern, Latino brethren RSVP'd also.

I am not Sam, but I love green eggs and ham.

Anonymous said...

Rage if I ever find out who you are I will give you a machete beating you will never remember!

DF Johnny Football

Anonymous said...

Rated "M" was only used by the MPAA from 1968 to 1970, and was for Mature audiences.

Anonymous said...

The doctor said I wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if I kept my finger outta there.


Anonymous said...

"And go figure that Wordkyle would admire a draft dodging wife beater like John Wayne."

Yeah, Wayne never did ANYTHING for the war effort. Except make dozens of movies which depicted American soldiers, sailors, Marines, pilots, Green Berets, cavalry, and even frickin' combat engineers as being the end-all, be-all, most heroic figures on the silver screen.

And he was a womanizer, but no one ever substantiated drunken Pilar's claim that he hit her. Certainly the other woman in his life didn't.

You know, Rage, sometimes you're a little bit more, but most of the time you're just an obvious troll.

Anonymous said...

I certainly remember True Grit very well, but cannot remember the highway number of 380 between Decatur and Denton in spite of driving it many times. Can someone help me out?

Triple Fake... said...

As noted before on this blog, due to his age and family, John Wayne was classified as 3-A and wanted to enlist during WWII. He was never drafted. US National Archives records indicate that Wayne made an application to serve in the OSS, and had been accepted. The letter went to his estranged wife's address and she never told him about it.
The studio threatened to sue him if he broke his contract. The government also convinced him that his contributions on the homefront would be of more value than on the war front.

A good reference on this subject and his political leanings is The Duke, The Longhorns, and Chairman Mao by Steven Travers

RatherBeSailing said...

1159 said there was no draft in WWII? Where did he study history or grow up? I was here during that time; I know there was a draft.

RPM said...

Do yourself a favor and binge watch Season 1 of Fargo.

Anonymous said...

Surprised you aren't watching The Player on NBC. VJ Boyd (Justified) is one of the writers and there are TONS of thinly veiled Ticket references.

Anonymous said...

No draft in WWII - maybe not in Wise County but in the USA there was one. Geeze........

Anonymous said...

Wow. I make a mistake about the draft in WWII and I get dog piled. But nobody piles on Rage for all his mistakes.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Both Glen Campbell and Kim Darby suffered because of the dialog of the movie with was an attempt to speak the way the characters would have really talked - very stilted and old fashioned, few contractions, etc.

Anonymous said...

11:59 is a homeschooled History Major and straight ticket voting Republican. No wonder he doesn't have a clue.

Triple Fake saying he didn't enlist because "the studio threatened to sue" is a riot. Tell that to Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable, Cesar Romero, Mickey Rooney, Eddie Albert, Lee Marvin, Robert Montgomery, Tyrone Power, John Ford (who long held a grudge against Wayne for pussing out of service) and Henry Fonda just to name a very few.

Here's the real tough pill to swallow. The President(s) that won WWII was Democrat. Republicans called it Roosevelt's War.

Sorry, there's still a few of us around that remember what actually happened and not some bullcorn made up to fit your agenda.

Anonymous said...


The GENERALS that won the war were Repubs. Just to keep things straight.

Anonymous said...

During WWII John Wayne made a tour of the Pacific bases. He went into a hospital ward full of wounded Marines and was booed out of the place. He beat the draft by his age and all his kids. I did enjoy his movies though - most of them. His Sgt. Striker role played a part in my joining the Corps.

Anonymous said...

7:56 Roosevelt was the president during to war so yeh is was his war. Democrats of that time were not pantywaist community organizers like we have now.

Anonymous said...

9:23, who did the Generals take their orders from? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

The studio threatened to sue him (Wayne) if he broke his contract. - 2:37

Where did you learn that, FOX News?