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Idiocracy Has Been Ramped Up

Bad taste. Bad bit. Bad acting. Staged. Not a prank.

But based upon the youtube comments, no one seems to realize it. And normally the commentors on youtube are the first to call stuff out. Is it a new generation? Are they drinking soft drinks with more electrolytes and molecules?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no way this is real. The comments indicate that this is the third or fourth time he's "killed" his kid in front of the mom. Maybe once is a real prank, but 3-4 times is a staged gag and everyone's in on it.

Anonymous said...

Because every relationship benefits from Daddy pretending to atomize little Johnny.

Now, of course it was staged, because Mommy's not gonna say "Show me how you drive it" and volunteer "You want me to get the check?"

But in the laissez-faire world of interweb self-expression, we've lost the whole concept of editing, as in having that second perspective that asks "Dude, what's funny about a fake video purporting to blow up your four year old?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hell, I'm just happy when I meet someone under 30 that can read....most of the time they cannot comprehend but at least they can mouth the words! If I were a con artist I would prey on this generation as well!

Anonymous said...

No, she doesn't STILL you. She was done with you before the retarded prank you gay retard.