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TCU Frat Reaction To Game Winning Play

Hey, I'm not taking anything away from TCU when I refer to that play as "lucky". There is not a single championship team in college football that didn't have luck along the way.

A view of the play from the end zone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bu...

I thought you had 1 of the 3 TCU losses you need on Saturday..right up until the last TCU TD.

Double Fake Guido "The Squeeze" Cappuccino

Anonymous said...

Kind of gay reaction. And what's up with the frat boy cradling a football while watching the game? Like I said, kind of gay.

DF Art Briles

Anonymous said...

The QB for TCU must be charmed. About 3 or 4 really poor throws or decisions on the final drive in the clutch....almost a choke situation...bailed out by the tip drill. It's amazing how many goats or heroes are made on such "luck" kinds of things, whether good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Looked to me like the guy who caught the ball jumped to catch it, meaning he had no feet on the ground, and when he landed he was out of the end zone. So, Tech should have had it.

And it was a terrible attempt by what should have been a standard play. Get that close, throw it up to the tallest receiver you have and let him jump for it. Only reason that play should not work is because they get hit inside of five yards and can't make the jump. This guy got a hand on it, he just has brick hands.

I think Baylor should be able to take care of them this year, despite my best efforts.

DF McLennan County Prosecutor

Anonymous said...

We need to rid our university's of the Greek life nonsense. That would be a great start for educational reform.

I remember as a college freshman attending a pledge week meeting with my roommate, we made it about half way through the Sigma Chi meeting, took a look at each other and walked out. It was one of those decisions that defined our friendship and we were both proud of having the maturity to do so. The guy running the meeting asked us where we were going and my roommate deadpanned, "back to life, back to reality" as we walked out! I was jealous of him in that moment.

DF Soul 2 Soul

Anonymous said...

4:35, great song reference! That is the greatest stripper song of all times, hands down.

DF Fat Mexican Stripper