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Oh, My

That is insane. From Vacation:

Back story from the Wise County Messenger's Update* from earlier this week.

And I know I shouldn't post the following:

Lasky (to Clark's son, Rusty): Has your father ever killed anyone?
Rusty: Just a dog. Oh and my Aunt Edna
Clark: Hey, you can't prove that Russ.
*Side note to the Editor and the Publisher of the Messenger: Don't sue me. I'm giving you free press and a link to the Update for the masses to follow. (Someone once called my readers a "band of monkeys", but don't worry about that.) Then again, in this day and age, if you sued me we could both promote it as a "news story".


Anonymous said...

Just another day of making fun with families that have suffered a loss, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I think the pic that the Wise County Wiper posted sums it all up. No disrespect to the dead, but sweet baby Jesus, were they living out of that thing, or what!?

Anonymous said...

How does one "preform" CPR?

Anonymous said...

Told you so!!!!! I'm still laughing today about that!

Anonymous said...

7:39 Lighten up Francis.

Anonymous said...

It was my first thought also...the grandma dying in the back seat of the station wagon while they were driving.