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Cumulus Radio Is In Big, Big Trouble

It owns The Ticket, WBAP, and more.  If you want to buy a radio station, here's your chance. And if you work for one of its radio stations and have a big salary, get ready to accept a pay cut or leave.

Look at the following shocking facts:

  • Cumulus replaced its CEO yesterday after almost two decades.
  • "On Sept. 15, Moody’s cut the ratings of Cumulus’ $2.4 billion of debt to B3 — which is junk status."
  • Profits are down 18% in the second quarter of this year
  • Cumulus shares are down 84 percent this year, closing at 68 cents Tuesday. They fell to 65 cents in after-hours trade.
List of stations in DFW the company owns:


Anonymous said...

Prager is on the Salem Radio Network.

Anonymous said...

Cumulus....the power of Ray D O!

Anonymous said...

Easy savings. Dump Rush Limbaugh on WBAP and the other nutjob talk radio blowhards and buy back the broadcast rights to the Texas Rangers for next season. Play country music in between sports events. Big savings and more listeners rolled into one.

DF Tom Schieffer

Anonymous said...

While I find the one sided, four nut-jobs of morning drive time amusing, they are an example of why this network is headed down the tubes. For instance; one of the "guest" this morning was an authority on dealing with/preventing campus shootings. Never mind the fact he has written a book that advocates campus carry and "armed security forces" for all college campuses. And don't mention the cost, that's too sticky an issue to be publicly discussed.

Anonymous said...

and You are still NO Gordon Keith