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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I just heard an Internet commercial on The Ticket but I only caught the last few seconds, but it was for a church promoting Mother's Day services "because your mom is always bugging you to go to church." I promise I heard, "choose one that doesn't suck" and come visit them. I'm working on getting the name. 
  • Man, I've never heard so much convoluted talk about "Free Speech" in light of the shootings near the Draw A Muhammad Cartoon meeting.  Hey, the cartoon group has the right to meet and do that. And I'd go nuts if the government (in this case Garland ISD) wouldn't let them meet in one of their buildings or tried to censor the content of the meeting. I'd feel the same way if it were a Klan meeting or a Witchcaft meeting. Government has no business controlling the content of speech.  But if you attend any of those functions and suffer retribution from private individuals (being shunned by neighbors or treated differently by your boss or, illegally, physically attacked) that has nothing to do with Free Speech. 
  • This morning ISIS claimed responsibility for the attempted attack. You're a little late on that, fellas.  (And why would you want to take credit for a couple of incompetent terrorists?)
  •  "A man was beaten late Monday as he left a mosque in Richardson, a day after two Muslim gunmen attacked a controversial art exhibit in Garland."  Things seem to be going well. 
  • Interesting story about a homeless guy in Fort Worth who was beloved because of friendliness as he occupied a corner in downtown for years. He died over the weekend. I have a buddy who had posted to Facebook over the last year about the guy's health, visits with him in the hospital, and how assistance could be provided. 
  • Remember Kurt Loder from the early days of MTV? He turns 70 today. 
  • I don't necessarily disagree with those who say the prosecutor in Baltimore overcharged the officers in the Freddie Gray case.  I just take great satisfaction in the law and order types out finally realizing something like that can happen. Now they just need to realize it happens every day. 
  • I'm not particularly interested in the story of the University of South Carolina student who was allegedly caught on tape spraying window cleaner on her roommates' food, but I'm going crazy trying to figure out what movie star she resembles
  • This crowded field seeking to be the Republican Nominee for president is growing and growing. And this is going to be high entertainment. 
  • The American Sniper's wife has begun her book tour. To make money, she is at least being guided correctly: She appeared this morning on Fox and Friends. That will be less contentious than Mayweather/Pacquiao.
  • According to today's Austin American Statesman, DPS was probably less than honest with the legislature regarding the agency's drug interdiction efforts at the border when it successfully lobbied to significantly increase its budget.