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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That girl reminds me of Alicia Silverstone in Crush.
  • Crazy storms last night and some guy from Wise County named Ricky Bowling was all over the news giving interviews. Well spoken. Hip eyeglasses. Neatly trimmed grey goatee. Way to represent!
  • Blue Bell knew of the Listeria issue way back in 2013? That company may be in more trouble than I thought. 
  • The La'el Collins story is crazy. He was projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft as the top offensive tackle and then news broke 12 hours before the draft that cops wanted to "talk to him" in connection with his girlfriend's murder. No NFL team would touch him then and he went undrafted. Believing no criminal charges will be filed, the Cowboys signed him yesterday to a free agent contract of three years and $1.64 million. If he was truly not a suspect, that timing by the police cost him millions.
  • And I guess he's free and clear of criminal problems. Police say his is not a suspect but these days no one is called a "suspect". But they wanted to talk to him. Meaning they were interested in talking to him. Or, said another way, they were interested in talking to him as a person. Doesn't that make him a "person of interest" which is code for "suspect" these days?
  • But Jerry Jones is unlike Mark Cuban in one huge way: Jerry can talk any free agent into coming to play for him. 
  • For all the nutcases who think "all Muslims are bad", did you realize that the two who appeared at the Draw A Mohammed Cartoon meeting came all the way from Arizona? Do you have any idea how many Muslims in Dallas and its suburbs didn't blink an eye at the event? 
  • "Disappointed the Texas marijuana bill wasn't referred to a joint committee. (That had been the buzz.)" - Tweet from that goofy Texas Supreme Court judge this morning. Reading it caused me to have simultaneous Groan Voice and Slumped Shoulders.
  • Had the craziest impromptu bet break out on The Ticket yesterday. Did Beverly D'Angelo appear topless in a shower in the original Vacation or was it in European Vacation? One host said it was the second one because he was sure: Part of the plot was based upon Clark videotaping her in the shower and the camera subsequently being stolen.  He was certain and said "I will bet anything."  I was right there with him as he baited his co-host into entering into the bet. Uh, we were both wrong. There was no nudity in European Vacation. #NowYouKnow
  • I was a huge David Letterman fan for his first 10 years, but I can't get too excited about his retirement because I feel like he's been gone for the last 10 years. 
  • Boyd's own Greg "The Hammer" Williams is going to narrate a feature film called Windsor?  Trailer here (you hear him in the beginning). DMN's Barry Horn promises to explain later today. Edit: Here it is.
  • "Jeb Bush invested more than $1 million from the Florida state pension fund in pornography while he was governor." At first I thought that was unfair because I seriously doubt he was aware of every investment the pension fund made. But governors always take credit for positive things they really have no control over (i.e. the state's economy) so they might as well take the blame for the negative aspects that happen while in office as well. (He has an ill timed speaking engagement at the evangelical Liberty University on Sunday when he can explain it.)
  • Breaking economic news: Unemployment falls to 5.4% -- a seven year low.  (Also breaking news: Wordkyle just reached for his blood pressure medicine.) 


Ernest T said...

Well-spoken. Hip eyeglasses. Neatly trimmed goatee.

I think that we need to see his driver's license, cause he isn't from Wise County!

Anonymous said...

For all the nutcases who think "all Muslims are bad", did you realize that the two who appeared at the Draw A Mohammed Cartoon meeting came all the way from Arizona? Do you have any idea how many Muslims in Dallas and its suburbs didn't blink an eye at the event?

That's because they didn't get 'THE CALL'

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle just reached for his blood pressure medicine.)

Prolly because it's BS about the unemployment numbers.

Anonymous said...

"Jeb Bush invested more than $1 million from the Florida state pension fund in pornography while he was governor."

So he is basically a Democrat.

Doc Logic said...

BG...... we expect to see pictures throughout the year while growing your hair out to prove that you followed up on your bet as a partner with Dan.

Wurdkyle said...

No, Foxnews already explained to wordy how unemployment isn't really at 5.4%.

He will be here shortly to report their totally made up reasons.

Anonymous said...

Correction: there was nudity in European Vacation, but not involving Beverly D'Angelo. The strip club in Paris when Clark took Ellen out for a night of culture and the girl Rusty was with in Germany. said...

Beverly D'Angelo may not have been nude in "European Vacation" but there was certainly nudity. It happen with Russ at some German festival. I was just about to enter my teens and I remember wishing that I could be Russ at that time.

wordkyle said...

BG, you completely misunderstand me. If more people are actually working, I'm glad. If the Obama administration claims improvement based on exploiting the public's ignorance of how unemployment is calculated, taking credit for "lower unemployment" while millions more Americans are out of work, then I call it out.

As it turns out, April's employment numbers were an improvement over March's. Perspective is important, though. If the labor force participation rate was the same under Obama as it was under Bush in May of 2008 (when unemployment was last 5.4%), nearly eight and a half million more Americans would have jobs.

Under Obama the number of unemployed Americans who are not counted as unemployed has exploded. So this "lowest unemployment rate in seven years" claim is wildly misleading.

Anonymous said...

"Hip eyeglasses. Neatly trimmed grey goatee. Way to represent!"

I don't think so. He needed to remove some teeth, stain those that remain and get tattoos all over his arms and neck to properly represent the typical Wise County resident.

Anonymous said...

Wordy just got off Drudge's site and is coming up with arguments as to why 5.4% is not 5.4%. He will cite lack of people in the workforce as his reason. He will not do an analysis of the 90 million not in the workforce by pointing out the following:
-14.5% of the population (47 million) is over 65
-24% is age 17 or under (77 million)

Anonymous said...


Good job, you beat me to it, I remember that scene as well


Seriously, shut the fuck up. At this point you are about as worthless as the commenters who look for an excuse to type the word "nigger".


So was his brother

People love blue bell too much. I kept mine when the recall was issued. Statistically I could care less.

Cowboys have a solid chance of looking like genius at the end of next season. Assuming Romo stays healthy.

Side Cowboys prediction, McFadden rushes for 1500 yards this year. An average running back would get close to a thousand and McFadden has potential.

Breaking economic news, just ask on of the Baltimore insurgents. I bet they don't believe it either.

Anonymous said...

Wordy will search till he finds fact that support his hate.

Anonymous said...

How many muslims knew better than to take a scimitar to a gunfight?
They will still cut your throat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Ricky Bowling could talk and did not have Meth mouth or anything like that, BUT he was sporting a t-shirt with the sleeves cut out of it. So yes it did show that he was a native of Wise County.

Katy Anders said...

The unemployment numbers are misleading, but they are always misleading.

Democrats call them misleading when Republicans are in the White House, Republicans call them misleading when Democrats are in.

Everybody is desperate to prove "their party" is ever-so-slightly better than the other party.

wordkyle said...

922 - You really are late to the game, aren't you?

a) The labor report is based on Americans 16 years of age and older.
b) The participation rate of those 65 years and older has increased over the last decade.
c) The decrease in participation rate is primarily in the 25-54 years of age group.

Sam Brows said...

Police didn't cost La'eal one red cent. According to the Sheriff's Office, on multiple cites yesterday, they asked Collins' representatives to speak with him the day after the young woman was murdered. Had he gone in when they initially made the request, and presuming he told them the same thing at that time that he told them on Monday of this week, by the time of the draft his name would have been cleared. The Collins folks have yet to provide any specific reason as to why they never got back with the Sheriff's Dept. Oh, and, according to the Sheriff's Dept., they called every day the week leading up to the draft and got nothing resembling a return call. So his reps should pretty much be working for free right about now, if that is correct.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Barry seems to always take up for the Muslims but you will be hard pressed to find he giving the same benefit to the millions of Christians that don't act out in hate. Much like his beloved president.

Anonymous said...

He invested in porn and LOST money? That just doesn't happen. What does that say about how sharp this guy is?

DF Larry Flynt
I was shot, but I'm rich.

wordkyle said...

Those who try to downplay the decline in LFPR haven't seen the pictures.

Denney Crane said...

It scares me to think that educated people who demonstrate common sense would believe anything this administration or its bureaucracy reports.

Same with the main stream media. If you actually believe everything you're told, you are guilty of drinking their Koolaid.

Americans are being conditioned to buy what they're selling, whether its the government, news stories or special interest groups. They're even changing the history they teach our children.

For 30 years I have been living by the "50/10 rule", believe 10% of what you hear and half of what you see.

Anonymous said...

David Letterman was hilarious for a few years, but now he's old and cranky and it's time for him to move on.

Anonymous said...

Shouts coming out of the commissioners court meeting today ... "Barry hates "Murika". Nothing more than a liberal weenie, commie sympathizer who loves dem people with towels around der heads."

Anonymous said...

9:22 #how_to_anger_issues much?

Anonymous said...



Seriously, shut the fuck up. At this point you are about as worthless as the commenters who look for an excuse to type the word "nigger".

So you are too. You just found your excuse to type that word and be profane.

Good Job.

Triple Fake... said...

so that was the trailer for an actual movie? Because it looked like Barry Corbin and others were pranking ol' Greggo, with a spoof of Texas Country Reporter. and The Hammer was doing a raspy Bob Phillips-on-a-three-day-bender imitation.

I would think it's prudent police work to investigate whenever somebody's pregnant ex-girlfriend is murdered. Especially when there is some doubt about paternity. Or is gathering info about a felony now considered excessive? I don't recall any official statements that mentioned him as a suspect, or even as a "person of interest", which I assume to mean they have an interest in what this person may know about the case.
And I'm not defending the guy just because he's a Cowboy now. It's more like another instance of the media running with a story that basically has little substance.

Similar to: "Jeb Bush invested more than $1 million from the Florida state pension fund in pornography"
That's a lurid headline and the story isn't that simple.

"But governors always take credit for positive things they really have no control over (i.e. the state's economy)"
The same could be said about presidents/nations

Anonymous said...

I wish I could invest 100% of my retirement in pornography. It outsells everything else on the internet, cds, dvds and studio released films.

Anonymous said...

Beverly DAngelo was topless in a shower scene in the original Vacation movie. Not bad.

Anonymous said...

Gas Well explosion in Denton link

Anonymous said...

I don't know Barry, there's a lot of out of work people out here. I don't know why you keep banging that drum -- those government numbers are cooked up and you know it. So does everybody else. I guess that's just one of the ongoing Democrat talking points. Good luck in your pursuit of truth and justice. You'll need it.

Anonymous said...

Alicia Silverstone played a 14-year-old girl in The Crush, FYI.

Anonymous said...

If you are into Beverly D'Angelo topless scenes, check out the opening of the movie Pacific Heights.

Anonymous said...

If he was truly not a suspect, that timing by the police cost him millions.

Good God Barry you blame the police for everything. You're not in court; you're on your blog. Does that not make a difference?

I swear you have simplest gig I have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya that RTG girl is a spittin image to Alicia Silverstone except for...

Hair color
The figure
The tat
The age

Other than that; I guess they are alike

Anonymous said...

Plenty of Jade Helm activity going on over at the airport in Decatur this morning. Chinook doing touch-and-go for about an hour.

DF If you notice my guys, then they're doing something wrong

Anonymous said...

Yep, Ricky is native Wise County. He's a nice man. He also plays guitar out at the Greenwood Store...half of the duo, 'Rick n Rolen'. Fun place to go het a burger and pie when they're playing.
BTW: As Rick and Helen are trying to clean up, people are out stealing their stuff from the roadsides.

Anonymous said...

93,000,000 people are NOT working. You are an idiot Barry Green.

Anonymous said...

CHICO VOTERS. Reminder: Place--Chico Elementary please get out tomorrow and vote NO on the bond!!! Please vote for Lori Clark, Chad Patterson and Brian Hand for school board!!!

Anonymous said...

What about Rhome? Who is the best candidate for council?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

So, what does your link prove Wordkyle?

It shows data that over the last 10 years, 3% of Americans 16 years and older (not working for the government) left the workforce. (BTW, by 2030, its expected to drop another 6%).

What is the smoking gun there? Census data also shows the retirement age population grew by 5% above the total population over a 10 year period.

Where is data you have that clearly shows that employment of those aged between 16-65 has been dropping? And that the percentages dropping out of the workforce (16 and older) aren't because the baby boomers are retiring.

DF Not-an-Obama-Fan-but-even-I-Think-this-argument-is-getting-Old

wordkyle said...

Okay, here you go.

1) The link I provided above shows that the LFPR, upon which the official unemployment rate is based, has fallen drastically in the last several years. Because of how that rate is calculated, under Obama millions more unemployed Americans are not counted as unemployed.

2) Several sources -- here, for example -- show that the LFPR for those 65 and older has gone up the last several years. A larger percentage of people are working beyond age 65.

3) No less than Democrat website fave fivethirtyeight (among others) shows that the largest group leaving the workforce -- and thus unemployed but no longer being counted as unemployed -- is in the 25-54 age group. Not baby boomers retiring. (The 538 article is actually titled "Don’t Blame Boomers For Unemployed Workers Leaving The Labor Force".)

My argument may be getting old to you because it's consistent. When BG brags about Obama's unemployment rate, I respond. Incidentally, other crazy Conservative sources such as the New York Times and Washington Post have made the same observation I'm making.

Anonymous said...

For those still keeping up with it there were three more departures at the tarrant da's office this week. You reported Miller but a felony prosecutor resigned yesterday and another one resigned today.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Honcho -- as WK points out (again), the facts seem to show that the current administration is cookin' the books. It's propaganda, Mike, and citizens need to know. Shake and bake, good buddy. Someday we'll all be looking at each other in the food line and asking where were you when the crash occurred?

Anonymous said...


It's not cooking the books if it is the same formula that has been used for decades, which it is.

WK's point is the formula does not include the impact of people who have just stopped looking for work altogether or have exceeded their unemployment benefits.

Anonymous said...

I get WK's point and it is valid; however, it's not the same formula. That point has been stated over and over again, thus we have this same conversation every time the Obama admin comes out with these bogus numbers and BG gleefully reports whatever the MSM says because it fits the Democrat narrative. Right, Barry?

Anonymous said...

Wordkyle and Danny seems to be the only ones paying attention to something besides the one sided media and Obama! You can do research anytime and figure out Obama hasn't told the the truth since.... Never!!