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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That girl reminds me of Alicia Silverstone in Crush.
  • Crazy storms last night and some guy from Wise County named Ricky Bowling was all over the news giving interviews. Well spoken. Hip eyeglasses. Neatly trimmed grey goatee. Way to represent!
  • Blue Bell knew of the Listeria issue way back in 2013? That company may be in more trouble than I thought. 
  • The La'el Collins story is crazy. He was projected to go in the first round of the NFL draft as the top offensive tackle and then news broke 12 hours before the draft that cops wanted to "talk to him" in connection with his girlfriend's murder. No NFL team would touch him then and he went undrafted. Believing no criminal charges will be filed, the Cowboys signed him yesterday to a free agent contract of three years and $1.64 million. If he was truly not a suspect, that timing by the police cost him millions.
  • And I guess he's free and clear of criminal problems. Police say his is not a suspect but these days no one is called a "suspect". But they wanted to talk to him. Meaning they were interested in talking to him. Or, said another way, they were interested in talking to him as a person. Doesn't that make him a "person of interest" which is code for "suspect" these days?
  • But Jerry Jones is unlike Mark Cuban in one huge way: Jerry can talk any free agent into coming to play for him. 
  • For all the nutcases who think "all Muslims are bad", did you realize that the two who appeared at the Draw A Mohammed Cartoon meeting came all the way from Arizona? Do you have any idea how many Muslims in Dallas and its suburbs didn't blink an eye at the event? 
  • "Disappointed the Texas marijuana bill wasn't referred to a joint committee. (That had been the buzz.)" - Tweet from that goofy Texas Supreme Court judge this morning. Reading it caused me to have simultaneous Groan Voice and Slumped Shoulders.
  • Had the craziest impromptu bet break out on The Ticket yesterday. Did Beverly D'Angelo appear topless in a shower in the original Vacation or was it in European Vacation? One host said it was the second one because he was sure: Part of the plot was based upon Clark videotaping her in the shower and the camera subsequently being stolen.  He was certain and said "I will bet anything."  I was right there with him as he baited his co-host into entering into the bet. Uh, we were both wrong. There was no nudity in European Vacation. #NowYouKnow
  • I was a huge David Letterman fan for his first 10 years, but I can't get too excited about his retirement because I feel like he's been gone for the last 10 years. 
  • Boyd's own Greg "The Hammer" Williams is going to narrate a feature film called Windsor?  Trailer here (you hear him in the beginning). DMN's Barry Horn promises to explain later today. Edit: Here it is.
  • "Jeb Bush invested more than $1 million from the Florida state pension fund in pornography while he was governor." At first I thought that was unfair because I seriously doubt he was aware of every investment the pension fund made. But governors always take credit for positive things they really have no control over (i.e. the state's economy) so they might as well take the blame for the negative aspects that happen while in office as well. (He has an ill timed speaking engagement at the evangelical Liberty University on Sunday when he can explain it.)
  • Breaking economic news: Unemployment falls to 5.4% -- a seven year low.  (Also breaking news: Wordkyle just reached for his blood pressure medicine.)