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Firing Up The Liberally Lean Radar For Saturday Night

Not that I have sixth super secret weatherman sense (although that wouldn't surprise me), but there is something really weird about the weather today.  Tornadoes already forming to the east. Some pretty big storms already popping up nearby.

Something ain't right.

I'm taking us to DEFCON 4.

Edit: And then the sun comes out at 8:00 pm. Take us to DEFCON 5, Colonel. But you might want to check on the boys south of Fort Worth.


Anonymous said...

But will it be raining men?

DF The Weather Girls

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure that this weather has given Delkus a boner for more than four hours, which means he should seek medical attention.

Anonymous said...

After it rains men there usually is a BIG pretty rainbow.

DF Dallas Gay Weather Watchers

whisky O said...

And then not much, good guess expert.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that it always rains after a drought?

Anonymous said...

All previous comments.....pure genius.