Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Wendy Davis' interview on The Ticket is getting widely panned. And she did sound like she was just going through the motions. Maybe she is. 
  • Matt Lauer now gets free helicopter rides to and from his gig at The Today Show from his house in The Hamptons. Now that literally is high tone. 
  • UT coach Charlie Strong suspended two starting linemen yesterday for "violating team rules." . His reign is either going to be an absolute success or an absolute disaster. 
  • If Google Maps was correct yesterday, traffic was at a standstill from 114 in Boyd all the way to 287 in Decatur after traffic was diverted. 
  • That was a big wreck on 287, but earlier in the day another truck wreck on 287 near Bowie left one man dead. 
  • There has to be some Klan members who post in the comment section. Heck, maybe even a Grand Dragon. 
  • Joe Biden got a lot of press yesterday after saying we will track ISIS down "to the gates of Hell."  I thought that sounded familiar and, sure enough, he used it in the VP debate in 2012.
  • Ticket Fans: The morning Ticket Ticker guy got fired.  
  • As of yesterday, Lake Bridgeport officially crossed the 23 feet low level. 
  • If the now dead Frisco woman was innocent (and all evidence indicates she was) and the stress of the criminal investigation that unfairly would not end caused one of them to snap and kill the other, Frisco police have blood on their hands.