Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Someone asked me yesterday why had I turned on Wendy Davis since I used to "love her." I don't think I've ever said I supported Wendy Davis. After the filibuster, I dedicated a whole Random Thoughts to what a goofball David Dewhurst was for letting the Texas Senate get out of control, but that's about it. People believe the weirdest things. 
  • Regarding the Frisco couple death, there were all sorts of reports yesterday that Frisco police had never even referred their investigation to the DA's office. But there were also reports that a grand jury had been convened and the Morning News today says that the husband "recently spent more than three hours testifying before a Collin County grand jury." How did it get to the grand jury without going through the DA's office? It's legally possible but practically impossible. 
  • I watched that Joan Rivers documentary a couple of years ago, and it was really good. I wasn't a big fan nor did I dislike her. 
  • Small school football crazy notes: (1) "The aTm-Commerce football team opened the 2014 season in record breaking fashion beating East Texas Baptist in a 98-20 rout setting a new NCAA Division II record for total offense with 986 yards Thursday night at Memorial Stadium." (2) Division-II Tusculum allowed minus-100 total yards and minus-124 yards rushing (both NCAA single-game records) in 71-0 win over College of Faith.
  • Conspiracy theorists are going nuts over confirmed fake cell phone towers that have gone up all over the country (including DFW). But there is no mistaking those towers are a little weird. 
  • The Rangers need 13 more losses to become a 100 loss team. They have 22 more to play. 
  • WBAP's Hal Jay didn't know what "being catfished" means. 
  • Another thing about Bridgeport Index issues from the 1960s: This county loved the beauty pageant. 
  • My dad and the Bridgeport ISD superintendent once accidentally and innocently caused a lot of chaos when they were in charge of tallying the votes of the judges in one of those pageants. There was confusion when it was not clear what the 1 to 5 scale actually meant when it got down to five finalists. That is, if a judge's vote gave someone a "1" in talent, did that mean just one point or first place? My dad and the superintendent interpreted the ballots the opposite of what the judges' had intended. The error wasn't noticed until the master of ceremonies announced the five finalists in order of finish and crowned the winner. Of course, that was the reverse order. The judges stopped the pageant and corrected the error right there and then. I was a little kid, but I remember that loud buzz in the Bridgeport High School auditorium.  
  • I hadn't listened to Dennis Prager in a while but yesterday he said he never feared a USSR missile strike but that he is extremely concerned about a current attack by terrorists on "the American electrical grid." That guy is an expert on everything. 
  • There's a lawyer who shows up from time to time at driver's license hearings who will question a witness like it's the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Loud. Flamboyant. Dude, it's an administrative hearing with no jury. Who are you trying to impress because no one in that room is. 
  • Football helmets have safety ratings and Justin Northwest uses a ton of the lowest rated ones.