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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • It's Labor Day, there is no Messenger Update, but I'm here. Once again proving I'm the hardest working man in show business.
  • I went to the Baylor game yesterday. That stadium is a showplace. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. 
  • It's a weird world when Baylor is up 31-0 at halftime and the crowd is basically displeased with how the offense has played. (But I was pleased when "We Started From The Bottom Now Were Here" fired up over the sound system.)
  • I counted four Game Warden boats on the Brazos by the stadium, and they were stopping any boat that moved. As I watched them on the bridge, I might have gone on a rant about a Police State, and I so hope I didn't scare a young lady who was agreeing with me but then suddenly walked away.
  • I'm worried about Bryce Petty's back. I thought he just got hurt on a TD run but when I watched ESPN later, they showed him cringe on an earlier touchdown pass. If it's not structural, I sit him down next week. And maybe the next. We got a Romo Situation ongoing. 
  • George W. Bush was there and performed the opening coin toss. The crowd started chanting, "Four more years!" I wish I had a picture of me in the crowd at that moment. You'd be able to spot me. 
  • The funniest moment was "It's Getting Hot In Herre" blasting over the speakers but it was so Baptist edited it was dang near unrecognizable. 
  • On my Saturday jog I came across another lost dog. (Picture.) It was before 8:00 a.m., and I ended up standing in traffic with my arms up to stop oncoming cars to keep it from getting killed. About five or six drivers stopped -- all appreciative of what I was trying to do. That is, except one stupid bubba in a truck who had to gun it in anger despite the dog still running around in the street. I yelled at the idiot. (Hey, I was in my jogging gear. If he got out to kill me he would never have caught me.) 
  • A lost dog just stops me down. I turned the corner and saw the little thing with eyes that seemed so scared. It caused me to have immediate Slumped Shoulders, but I can no longer just ignore things like that. 
  • The dog is still in the house. No collar. No chip. The kids put up flyers but no response so far. (Ticket fans: I wanted to name it "Cornelius, The Moron Dog" but that was rejected.)
  • The Sixth Grader In The House told me that the vet (looking for a chip) told her that the pup was a Maltese. "Hey, she's a Maltese Falcon!" I said. The kid was confused. Heck, I was confused. I just referenced a 1941 Bogart film that I had never seen. 
  • Wow. Six people killed in a one car crash in Dallas last night. 
  • Michael Sam, the NFL player who just happens to gay, was cut and has yet to be claimed by any team off waivers. A guy who was the SEC Defensive Player of The Year and looked pretty good during the preseason can't get an NFL job?