The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • After a Dallas DA debate yesterday, Craig Watkins' opponent accused him of drinking by saying, "Have another cocktail." 
  • "The Economist last week (Oct. 4) published a pair of pieces lamenting the super-sizing of prosecutorial power and calling for the state to hand back some of its authority to the judiciary." (Source: Grits for Breakfast.) Preach on, bruther. 
  • I don't know who Stephen Collins is (7th Heaven isn't exactly in my wheelhouse), but he certainly didn't deny that he admitted to child molestation while being secretly recorded by his ex-wife at a therapy session. 
  • Collins last project listed on IMDB is a short named Penance which is described as "A man makes the decision to cleanse his inner demons, revealing a buried past that begs the question . . .  can we ever truly find forgiveness? And just how far will one go to get it."
  • Man, there's been a lot of media time wasted on this "Ebola scare." Number of victims contracting disease in U.S.: 1 (and he's still alive.) Thousands die from the flu every year.
  • The Family Clothes Washer is on the fritz.  I'd like to blame Mrs. LL for using it to wash band uniforms for everyone in the Southwest Proper, but the thing is also eleven years old. 
  • Even some conservatives have cocked an eye at the government stealing a woman's identity and setting up a fake Facebook page pretending to be her in order to fight the War On Drugs. My reaction: If you are offended by that, you'd pass out if you knew what else they did. 
  • I get accused of voting for President Obama. Have I ever written that I voted for President Obama? 
  • Not sure what the connection is: Maxwell House has a four minute short on the Nokona* company from Nocona, Texas. (*Yep, spelled that way.)
  • Sports: (1) The big news about Tony Romo criticizing the fans for selling their tickets to opponents is that for the first time in five years he said something other than "We've just got to practice and get better." (2) I finally watched the TCU/Oklahoma game last night and TCU's Trevone Boykin was incredible. But he also almost got picked off four times. (3) Are baseball playoffs going on? (4) One thing that stuck me as odd about Baylor/Texas was the huge smile Charlie Strong had on his face after the game as he greeted other players and coaches on the field. I don't think the angry fan base wants to see that.  (4) The Cowboys would be nuts to give a long term deal to DeMarco Murray. There is the theory that once a running back carries it 350 times a year, it's all downhill from there. (5) This lady is not good at track. 
  • There's a criminal trial going on in Decatur but I don't know much about it other than the Defendant is Christopher Ashby and the charges are Evading with a Vehicle and Aggravated Assault Against a Public Servant. I didn't see anything about it in the Messenger. According to court records, potential witnesses are Aaron Wallace, Adolfo Patterson, Michael Derrick, George Mundo, Mason Torres, Belynda Brooke, Don Dillard, and Linda Dillard. 
  • Former Bridgeport resident Michelle (Simpson) Tuegel is one of the lead defense attorneys in this Graf case: