Random Monday Morning Thoughs

  • Ken Starr is Baylor's president. Remember him? He's the law and order guy who prosecuted Bill Clinton. Well, it seems scandal is getting a little close to home. Jennifer Renee Jarvis, his executive secretary and her husband, were arrested in separate incidents for DWI. (That fact alone is insane.) Now there are allegations that there was an effort in Waco to bury the cases.  
  • One song I grew up with was "Indian Reservation" by the very cooly named Paul Revere and the Raiders. Welp, Paul Revere died over the weekend. 
  • 60 Minutes ran their interview of FBI Chief James Comey last night. That guy came across as a modern day paranoid J. Edgar Hoover. But I loved when he was asked if Americans should sleep comfortably at night: "I think they should. I mean, the money they have invested in this government since 9/11 has been well spent." Translation: Give us money = your security. 
  • Sports: (1) Katy Perry on College Game Day was funny. And her predictions bested anyone else on the panel. (2) Am I worried about my predication that the Cowboys will have less than 7.5 wins? Of course not. (3) Baylor is a 10 point favorite over TCU on Saturday. Way too much. In fact, I think its a coin flip. I've said for the last four weeks to fear TCU. (4)  "NBA to announce $24 billion/9 year deal w/ ESPN and TNT on Monday. Annual average value nearly 3x current deal." Players, you see this? Especially you top line guys who take a pay cut to get in under a salary cap? (5) If J.J. Watt had connected on that blind side rush yesterday, Romo would be in a wheelchair this morning. (6) C.J. Wilson, paid $16 million this year, got pulled in the first inning last night. Teammate Josh Hamilton, paid $17 million, went 0-13 in the division series loss. 
  • The cover of some publication called Dallas Weekly had a very ill-timed cover on Friday. 
  • That goofy tweeting judge was on Fox and Friends on Sunday.  I received a message from someone who compared him to Paris Hilton. That is, despite actual public perception, Paris Hilton thinks she comes across as sexy. Similarly, that judge thinks he comes across as clever and witty. 
  • "Be the kind of person the dog thinks you are."
  • Dallas DA Craig Watkins is considering filing charges for Aggravated Assault against the Ebola patient for Aggravated Assault if there's proof that the patient "intentionally or knowingly" exposed others to disease. What an idiot. Is there any proof Mr. Ebola even knew he had the disease? Is there any proof anyone else has contracted it? (And the fact that Watkins seems to not realize that "reckless" exposure of the disease to another would also be a crime -- at least an arguable position -- is amazing.) 
  • A man was shot in the back about 30 times at Club Reeces in Oak Lawn last night. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.  30 times?  (And I tried to look up Club Reeces' web site but it doesn't have one.)