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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • That river looks exactly like the one Mrs. LL and I took a rafting trip down in Costa Rica a few years back. Jungle covered high sides with the occasional waterfall. 
  • When Georgia's top running back was suspended yesterday for allegedly making money off signing memorabilia against NCAA rules,  Johnny Football's right hand man, "Uncle Nate", tweeted : "Hey [Sports Illustrated writer] tell the people to let the man make money off his name. Screw anyone that says he shouldn't and can't." Uncle Nate isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. 
  • Some of you implied yesterday that the only ones who benefit from new home construction are "those illegal aliens" who build them. That's mind-boggling. You might want to ask companies, and their employees, which supply bricks, carpet, tile, windows, window treatment, lighting, appliances, insulation, plumbing, electrical, wall paper, paint, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, furniture, etc. 
  • We haven't heard about any law enforcement corruption out of Montage County in a couple of years. Maybe they've all moved on to different counties. 
  • My annual Tired Head: Local media mentioning the ridiculous Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog.
  • My football trip for next weekend: Heinz Stadium in Pittsburgh and West Virginia's stadium in Morgantown. (I might just stay and become one of the Wild and Wonderful Whites.) And, as much as I hate the NFL, I might run over to the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton. 
  • A Texas federal judge slapped down the Voter ID law late yesterday, in part, because it is a poll tax. After reading the opinion (which is a great history lesson on the horrible history of Texas in suppressing the minority vote), I'm convinced it is a poll tax.  
  • When I posted some of the old Index papers here recently, the poll tax was (shockingly) still in effect and wildly popular. It wasn't abolished until 1964 via constitutional amendment. And Texas still tried to enforce it on elections after that that didn't involved federal positions. 
  • "The University is not a place for the 'open minded' where ideas are exchanged and challenged. Parents pay large amounts of money to have their children indoctrinated on leftist ideals." - Dennis Prager. Incredible. Why are people so scared of views outside of their echo chamber? 
  • "It's a Lone Star shame @TexasMonthly hasn't offered me the Ice Cream Editor gig. (I would also accept Bacon Editor.)" - Another goofy tweet by the goofy Texas Supreme Court Justice a few minutes ago. 
  • BagOfNothing surmises today that the Not Ebola Deputy might be just an attention seeker. He didn't outright say the deputy went to the Emergency Clinic just for publicity but, if he had, I'd back him up on it. 
  • Adrian Peterson might go back to jail because he admitted to "smoking a little weed" to the person involved in the supervision of his bond conditions. (1) High minded legal thought: I know you can't be convicted of a crime by just admitting to an offense if there is not some evidence to corroborate that there was, in fact, an actual crime, but I'm not sure that rule applies to bond condition violations. (2) Practical legal thought: Shut up! Deny. Deny. Deny. 
  • I can predict I'll be a bum on Saturday beginning at 11:00 a.m. OU/Texas followed by TCU/Baylor. (But, because I can't help it, I'll be up in the 6:00 o'clock hour. So I'll have time to get stuff done.) 
  • The "Death With Dignity" story of the 29 year old Portland woman who has chosen to end her life on her own terms -- instead of enduring the experience of the inevitable soon-to-occur death which will involve "headaches, nausea, vomiting, weakness and seizures" -- is fascinating. But while watching the story I answered the hypothetical of "Do you want to know the day of your death?" My answer: No.