Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was interview by CBS yesterday, and he came across with "liar" written all over his face. The NFL "assumed" there was an elevator tape, requested it, but couldn't get it? Baloney. (Great job by interviewer Norah O’Donnell.)
  • The NFL was willing to pay Goodell a mind boggling $44 million last year. But the NFL didn't have the resources to get the tape?
  • There was one sure fire way to get the tape that no one is talking about. Rice's lawyer certainly would have a copy if one existed. The NFL could have told Rice, "Get a copy from him and hand it over."  The lawyer would tell Rice, "The DVD belongs to you and your under no legal obligation to give it to them. But they'll probably suspend you for life if you don't."  It would be like one of my clients coming to me and saying, "My employer wants to see my DWI tape." I'd tell him, "Here you go. You're under no obligation to give it to them, but they might fire you if you don't."
  • The lawsuit against Jerry Jones is silly, and Jones' lawyers basically came out yesterday and called the woman's lawyer a spare. Hey, you civil lawyer boys: Isn't there a limitations issue here?
  • The "lady" suing Jones is referred to in the media as "a former exotic dancer from Ardmore, Oklahoma." That's just funny. 
  • So the cartel stalked the lawyer for two years, including using a GPS, and then decided to kill him in the most public place in Southlake? That's weird. (Personal note to Cartel: No offense intended.) 
  • WBAP had Morten Storm on this morning. He's the author of Agent Storm: My Life Inside al Qaeda and the CIA. Uh, someone might want to do some fact checking on that guy. I smell a rat. 
  • "Interstate highways" must have on and off ramps and can't have traffic entering directly onto the highway from a "T" crossroad, right? The metroplex has I-35, I-20, I-30, I-635, and I-820. 
  • If I knew what I was doing and had the training, I'd love just to get lost for a week hiking the Appalachian Trail. (Just to be clear, I'm talking literally and not euphemistically.) 
  • I don't care what the calender says, it sounds like Fall arrives tomorrow. 
  • Personal note: Last week I posted pictures of Pee Wee cheerleaders from Bridgeport back in the day. I was on the TXI Mustang football team back then. "RPM" commented that he was on that team. Who are you? Also, someone also commented that he was on a Decatur team that played TXI. That game happened. Kind of a Decatur/Bridgeport Pee Wee Super Bowl. Who are you? 
  • In the Decatur/TXI game, they ran a kickoff back for a touchdown to give us our only loss. I was the kickoff team safety on the play and aimlessly just stood there in the middle of the field thinking, "There's no way he's going to make it down the sideline." He did. I was in sixth grade. Remember that touching little league coach who had that tear jerking post game talk with his after losing team in the Little League World Series last month? Our coach was just the opposite after that game.  "This leaves a little different taste in your mouths, doesn't it boys!" he said. And then he looked at me. "Where was the safety on that kickoff return?"  That was 40 years ago. We were gathered in the north end zone at Decatur Stadium. I was on a knee facing north. He was standing with the Eagle clubhouse in the background. And  I normally can't remember what happened yesterday.