Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts. Edit: It's Monday. Maybe I Just Refused To Acknowledge It.

  • Wow: The elevator footage of Ray Rice punching his fiancee has been released. Once again, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him for two games. I despise the NFL. 
  • After four years, I had to replace my gas powered weedeater. I'll take four years worth of use (being used at least 30 weekends). But the last two I have had to replace had the same problem: A small cylinder becomes disconnected from a fuel tube inside the tiny gas tank. (And after decades of weedeater purchases, Ryobi is my favorite. And I use a metal blade instead of those always breaking strings.)
  • There's a fake photo going around allegedly depicting the Ferguson officer's "fractured eye socket". And even I was almost duped by the orbital injury story.
  • There's a radio ad I hear on The Ticket that is for railroad track (it's in the first person talking about how "I" show up for work every day and am responsible for the U.S. economy). Who is that ad targeted at?
  • The Red Bull Air Show was at the Texas Motor Speedway last weekend. WBAP's Steve Lamb this morning: "They can't fly more than 230 miles per hour and must travel at 80 feet above the ground." Hal Jay: "Hey, that's the same rules that the Malaysian Airline pilots have." Too soon? 
  • I don't understand those who post comments that are nothing more than over the top President Obama bashing. I'm not talking about those who try to intelligently make a point, but those who just go on a crazy rant that sounds like the author is about to bust a gasket. That just seems like a crazy waste of energy. 
  • Sports and funny stuff: (1) To the guy who angrily asked me last week, "Have you ever seen [UT quarterback] Swoopes play?" after I announced he was awful: Uh, yeah. Last year. And he was awful. More importantly, the fact that Mack Brown wouldn't play him more when Brown was fighting for his job was more than telling. (2) But Brown's recruiting at the QB position is beyond stunning. Since Colt McCoy, there has been no one. (3) The resignation of Ron Washington is a massive mystery. The greatest manager in Rangers history quits with three weeks to go, won't say why, and the Rangers hold the weirdest press conference 30 minutes after the announcement? The media hardly had time to get other there, and most didn't. (3A) And Dale Hansen said last night that Washington showed up with lawyers by his side when he announced his retirement to the team? This even weirder. (4) That still shot of the number of 49ers fans at the Cowboy game yesterday is stunning. (5) OSU's quarterback may miss the rest of the season and his replacement is Maxx German. Ring a bell? That was the Southlake kid who Channel 8's Brett Shipp went after for illegally transferring into the district just to play football.  I remember Shipp ambushing the kid's daddy as he was gassing up his bass boat. (6) The end of College Gameday on ESPN was funny and insane. (7) But not as funny as the Carolina Panther kicker warming up in the middle of a band performance.  (8) The Decatur Eagles played in the "Dale Hansen Classic" in Waxahachie. Dale Hansen has a Classic?
  • Wise County is about to host the Texas Sporting Clays Championship in about ten days where they estimate 300,000 clay pigeons will be tossed in six days.
  • I almost ended up with a stray (big) bulldog and his Yorkie buddy who were frantically running in the rain this weekend. As I coaxed them to my front door, their owner pulled up who was out looking for them. Thank goodness.
  • I jogged this weekend and my Achilles was still hurting. I went back to the method of landing on my heel and rolling the foot. Worked like a charm. You'd think that changing your running style would be impossible but it was pretty easy.