Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Maybe the NFL is a mafia. If you have any interest in the Roger Goodall story, you have to see what happened yesterday when ESPN brought in Former NFL executive Bill Polian to discuss the matter. He roasts the NFL, but the segment gets cut short due to technical problems. They bring him back twenty minutes later and he does a complete 180 and becomes an NFL lap dog (as if he had received a call for Tony Soprano.) It was amazing. 
  • Baltimore fans showing up in Ray Rice jerseys last night.
  • I drove past that one car wreck on 287 yesterday where the guy went some 500 feet off the roadway. Even crazier, he went up a hill which had to be at least 50' high. 
  • On UNT's first six drives last night they went three and out each time and had a three total yards. (Makes you understand why June Jones quit SMU after UNT crushed them.) 
  • Denton 21 year old arrested for PI: Mischievous. Denton 20 year old gets arrested for PI: Remorseful. Edit: link should be fixed. 
  • The goofballs on WBAP this morning were talking about a three year old story about 9/11: That Lt. Heather “Lucky” Penney was up in the air in an F-16 with orders to ram United flight 93 because no available planes were equipped with weapons. I find that story dubious in all sorts of ways. (Hal Jay was stunned she was so attractive.) 
  • "Yankees designated hitter Chase Headley took a fastball to the chin" last night. 
  • I've got 12 Years A Slave on the DVR but it's just kind of hard to hit "play". 
  • Early yesterday at Hale and College I saw a car and a trooper pull up to the intersection at the same time. The car made a right turn and then the trooper gunned it and hit his red/blue lights and went after him like he was Pablo Escobar. Didn't signal? Went past the designated stop line? Expired registration? Mass murder? Sheesh.
  • "The United States spent about $25 billion to train and equip Iraq’s security forces and provide installations for these forces from the start of the war until September 2012." And, of course, those forces are now worthless. We are so dumb. But there are a bunch of American contractors who were in charge of "training" and "equipping" who are laughing all the way to the bank. 
  • The Blade Runner was found guilty of "Culpable Murder" this morning which apparently in South Africa means a negligent or reckless killing. That's just a weird name for a crime which we would label Manslaughter or Criminally Negligent Homicide. A person can be "culpable" if he intentionally or knowingly kills someone as well. I'm nitpicking. Then again, they allow judges and not juries to determine a murder case.