Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I got the new tires yesterday. There's nothing particularly fun about such an experience.
  • The Family Pig has moved on. Someone sent a comment earlier in the week (didn't want it published) who said they had a farm in Wise County and would love to have the pig. It has been delivered (with the promise they won't eat it.) Goodbye, pig. You were cute but you were a mess.
  • Less than half of Fort Worth police officers don't live in Fort Worth. For Dallas, it is less than 25%. Source
  • Vince Young says he now wishes he had returned for his senior year at Texas. I said that in 2011.
  • I ran across a show called Bucket List Texas (a Texas travel show), and a commercial came on for Biggar Hats on the square in Decatur. 
  • I can't tell you how much fun I had writing yesterday's post about my flat tire experience. That part was actually created in the middle of the night when the I woke up and the bullet points began firing off in my head. 
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said this morning that we shouldn't presume we know what happened in Ferguson and should wait until we have all the facts. He then said that the cigars that Michael Brown stole were going to be used to make blunts.
  • I think Hard Knocks is so good. The most recent episode showed a scene where a doctor told a player that he thought is patellar tendon was torn. "Wouldn't I know that?" the player, who was in denial, said. The doctor then showed him the preliminary x-ray and tried to explain what looked wrong. "But it may be just the way you're built. We won't know until we do the MRI and can compare it to your other one."
  • Former Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelley has been battling cancer but was diagnosed as cancer free yesterday. There is just something a little odd about all the hospital photos his family sends out. Just a weird "look at me" vibe at a time when you would think privacy would be important.
  • I'd hate to have a job where I could be fired for a misdemeanor arrest unrelated to my employment. Case in point: CBS 11's Brendan Higgins. (Careful, that's a link to the very volatile Ed Bark. Do not tell him he is wrong. About anything.)
  • I'm beaten down by the Ice Bucket Challenge. 
  • On The Ticket yesterday they talked about Nicki Minaj's new Anaconda video. I watched it. Good grief. I think late night Cinemax is tamer. 
  • You wouldn't think the father of the "affluenza" kid would be accused of something (impersonating a peace officer) that wealthy people normally don't engage in and not look particularly affluent.