Random Index

There's nothing crazy about these issues (yet pretty fascinating), but my former classmate seems to be posting the front pages in chronological order and these were just posted. We are slowly moving closer to JFK's assassination, and even though I could go find that issue, I won't.  I like anticipation.

But I love the crazy writing style back in the day. There is so much opinion in every story. And "Shootin' Blind" was a 1960s version of Random Thoughts.  But I have noticed something: If some guy in town had become a new father, the editor would always mention that the guy had a "smile on his face" or "walked faster". It was just a simple way to say, Mr. X has had a new baby and I want you to know it.

Hey, you boys over at the Messenger: You might want to think about posting your archives for free. Throw some ads around them would be fine. But the old Decatur crowd would go crazy.